Equipment and Weapons Shield

07/28/2022 02:00

Shield Features

Shields are defensive weapons that also allow for parry attacks.
They can change the flow of battle by reducing damage and knocking enemies off balance.
Holding your shield in the guard position will trigger an effect that increases the damage of your next attack. This effect has 3 levels, each more powerful than the last.
Press the × button while blocking to tap the shield and taunt the enemy, causing nearby enemies to focus their attacks on you.


Shield□ buttonReduce damage from enemies.
Parry△ buttonNullify the enemy’s attack by parrying the enemy’s attack.
Spectral AttackL2 button
R2 button
Deploy a large shield to protect you and your allies.
Taunt□ button + △ buttonTap the shield to make enemies in the vicinity focus their attacks on you.
RepelL2 button + R2 buttonRebound enemy shots.
Hard Repel△ button + L2 button + R2 buttonRepel most enemy attacks.

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