Quests and Content Guide Gauntlet

07/19/2022 02:00

Gauntlets are extremely challenging quests with modifiers that affect various elements of gameplay.
Gauntlet modifiers are displayed on the quest selection screen, giving you vital intel on what type of loadout you'll need to survive the trials within.

Persevere to the end of a Gauntlet, and you'll be rewarded with powerful items and materials that can be used to refine the enchantments on your gear.


The Refine feature allows you to spend materials and Conches to replace one of an item's acquired enchantments.
Innate enchantments cannot be refined.

Although there is no limit to the number of times your selected enchantment slot can be refined, each subsequent refinement will be locked to the same slot, so choose carefully!

Additionally, items of common or uncommon rarity cannot be refined.


 CloisterRecommended PowerCharacteristics
Combustion Chamber ITower of Babylon ⇒ Elysium150A challenging quest where enemies have low HP but become powerful bombs after being defeated
Combustion Chamber IITower of Babylon ⇒ Elysium190
Bloodstorm ITower of Babylon: Blockade Zone ⇒ 1st Abandoned Cloister150A challenging quest where it is easier to stagger enemies by executing well-timed defensive moves, but the player takes significantly more damage
Bloodstorm IITower of Babylon: Blockade Zone ⇒ 1st Abandoned Cloister190
Steel Wind ITower of Benben ⇒ Duat250A challenging quest where enemy defense is greatly increased in exchange for damage to downed enemies and Damage Over Time increased by a large amount
Steel Wind IITower of Benben ⇒ Duat290
Tempestuous Skies ITower of Babylon: Blockade Zone ⇒ Civic Cloister: Unclean Sector250A challenging quest where the Sentinel’s HP constantly decreases, but HP is recovered when Midasites and Conches are acquired along the way
Tempestuous Skies IITower of Babylon: Blockade Zone ⇒ Civic Cloister: Unclean Sector290
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