Quests and Content Guide Sieges

07/19/2022 02:00

Sieges are challenging quests that pit you against enemies in a variety of different scenarios. Some will task you with defeating waves of adversaries, while others will have you defending valuable Imperial equipment or using battlefield gadgets to win the day.
Create builds using equipment you have collected to take on the challenge!

Siege quests are refreshed on a weekly basis. Additionally, all Siege quests are themed after a specific element, meaning that the enemies you encounter may have different elemental attacks and weaknesses each week.
Making sure you equip the right gear for each Siege will afford you a valuable tactical advantage in these challenging quests.
Completing Sieges rewards you with Signatums, which can be used to purchase a variety of rewards at the Exchange, including crafting blueprints for extremely powerful items.


Signatums are rewarded after completing Sieges and can be used to purchase a variety of rewards at the Exchange.
※ There is a limit to the carrying capacity of Signatums

There are two types of Signatums.

Sentinel Signatums are extremely valuable tokens acquired by completing Siege quests for the first time each week. They can be exchanged for booster crystals, blueprints, and emblems.

Imperial Signatums can be acquired by repeatedly completing Siege quests and can be exchanged for enhancement materials and relics (L).

Collect Signatums and use them at the Exchange to buy items.

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