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Quests and Content Guide Sentinel Force HQ Guide

06/21/2022 02:00

In this article we will be introducing the different facilities available at the Sentinel Force HQ that forms everyone’s base of operations.

Sentinel Force Headquarters

 Quest Board

Talk to the soldier standing by the quest board to take on new assignments.

What You Can Do at the Quest Board

Accept Quests

Select quests to take on yourself or join in quests that other Sentinels have accepted.

Quick Matching

Randomly join a quest that is searching for players.


Talk to Ishum in the forge situated next to the main square to create, enhance, or recycle your equipment.

What You Can Do at the Forge


Use materials and Conches to create new equipment.
You can increase the number of different types of equipment that you can craft by collecting blueprints.
*Blueprints can be bought at the shop or obtained as rewards for completing skirmishes for the first time.


Exchange equipment for crafting materials.


Enhance equipment that are of the “rare” level or greater. Enhanced equipment will have improved parameters and more powerful fixed enchantments.


Transfer the power from one equipment to another.


Select one of the enchantments attached to an equipment and randomly generate a replacement for it.

Coffin Upgrades

Customize the Booster Crystal loadout to enhance your Gideon Coffin.
Assign the “grade points” (GP) earned when levelling up to increase your baseline capabilities.


Talk to Pygmalion in the main square to buy and sell items and have relics appraised.

What You Can Do at the Shop

Conch Shop

Spend the conches you have earned through gameplay to buy and sell various items.

Trading Post

Appraise relics and trade items.

Garaz Shop

Spend Garaz to purchase premium items.

[Tuesday, September 13 Update]
Sales of the premium currency Garaz have ended prior to the termination of the BABYLON’S FALL service.
For more information, please click here.


Access the Inbox in your room on the first floor to pick up gifts and items that have been distributed.

 Character Edit

Talk to Gulra at the Inn to edit your character.

 Ranking Board

Access the Ranking Board in the square to check the positions and rewards for ranked events that are currently underway.

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