Quests and Content Guide Tips

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Versatile weapons that are well balanced for offense and defense. Swords lend themselves to a variety of actions and are great for combos.

Mastering the Sword

Landing consecutive attacks with a sword will activate an effect that increases your attack speed.
This effect has 3 different levels, each faster than the previous.


Powerful weapons that excel at staggering and stunning enemies. Use Charge Attacks for even more devastating blows.

Mastering the Hammer

Press ○ while charging a Heavy Attack to unleash a Battle Cry, causing enemies in the vicinity to focus their attacks on you.
This effect has 3 levels, each more potent than the last. The longer you hold ○, the louder your Battle Cry will be!


While lacking the raw attack power of other weapons, bows can increase damage and deal status effects with charge shots.

Mastering the Bow

Unleashing a combo finisher with a bow will activate an effect that increases your attack speed.
This effect has 3 different levels, each faster than the previous.

Mastering the Bow

Chaining your attacks into combos will cause your bow to fire additional arrows with each successive shot. You can also initiate a Charge Attack at any point during a combo, allowing you to increase the number of arrows fired by your Charge Shots.

Mastering the Bow

Dodging an attack while charging your bow will decrease its charge time. You can take advantage of this effect to speed up the charge time of Light Attacks, Heavy Attacks and Spectral Attacks.


Rods are ranged weapons that fire magical bursts of energy at enemies. They can also be used to boost allies with buffs, or debilitate enemies with various debuffs. Charge Attacks differ depending on the type of Rod used.

Mastering the Rod

Charging a rod's Light Attack allows you to recover SP during battle, whereas charging a Heavy Attack unleashes a barrage of magical particles.


Shields are defensive weapons that also allow for parry attacks. By reducing damage and knocking enemies off balance, they can change the flow of battle.

Mastering the Shield

Holding your shield in the guard position will trigger an effect that increases the damage of your next attack.
This effect has 3 levels, each more powerful than the last.

Mastering the Shield

Press × while blocking to execute a taunt. Taunts cause nearby enemies to focus their attacks on you, and can be used to divert attention from your allies.

Great Axe

This powerful weapon excels at attacks on near and mid-range targets. However, it lacks attack speed and is difficult to handle, making maneuvering the battlefield all the more important.

Mastering the Great Axe

Press ○ while charging a Heavy Attack to activate Stronghold, equipping yourself with Super Armor. Your defense will be boosted and you will no longer react to damage from enemies.


While single shots do not possess much power, this easy-to-handle weapon can be fired in rapid succession. Release the attack button at the right time to unleash a Perfect Shot, increasing your attack power and making it easier to down an enemy or make them flinch.

Mastering the Pistol

Performing a Perfect Shot when you have multiple pistols equipped can activate a Perfect Shot in which the pistols come together for a single attack.

Sentinel HQ

Sentinel HQ is where you tool up and prepare to head out on quests. Change your loadout, upgrade your gear and seek out other intrepid Sentinels to join you on your adventures.

The Exchange

The Exchange is a multi-purpose store run by the eccentric Pygmalion for the benefit of all Domitinian military personnel. Stop by to buy and sell various items or appraise your Relics.

The Forge

A good forge is the backbone of any fighting force, and Ishum's workshop is no exception. Strike up a conversation with Ishum whenever you need to craft, enhance or recycle items.


Enchantments are magical boons that can give you an edge on the battlefield. Various items have Enchantments, many of which are activated by performing specific actions during combat.

Power Level

Your Power Level is a rough indicator of how strong you are at any given moment, and is a sum total of the Power of each item you currently have equipped. The higher your Power Level, the better you'll perform on the battlefield!

Hidden Pockets

Hidden Pockets can be found in quest areas by following the unique sound they make. They contain a variety of useful items.


Use potions to heal up during a quest. The number of uses remaining is shown at the bottom left of the screen. Potions are refilled at the start of each mission.

Locking On

Press L1 to lock-on to an enemy.

Light Attacks

Press □ to deliver a quick attack. Can easily be chained into a combo.

Heavy Attacks

Press △ to deliver a single, heavy blow.


Press R1 to quickly cover short distances and avoid enemy attacks.

The Guard Position

Press L2 or R2 with a shield equipped to reduce damage taken.
The amount of damage taken depends on the properties of the shield.


Press △ with a shield equipped to parry attacks.
Parrying an attack nullifies it completely and leaves the enemy wide open.


Press △ in time with an enemy attack to knock it aside and follow it up with a powerful counterblow.

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