Battle Pass

Quests and Content Guide Battle Pass

02/23/2022 18:00

The “Battle Pass” is a system where you increase your Tier by collecting BP (battle points) that can be collected by completing missions and quests to acquire various rewards.
There are various rewards available, including vanity attire, emotes, stamps and crafting materials.
The battle pass changes for each season together with the rewards that can be acquired.

There are two types of battle passes: the Free Battle Pass that is available to all players and the paid Premium Battle Pass, both of which are available throughout the season.

Free Battle Pass

Available for free to all players
Rewards mainly consist of boost items that increase the amount of EXP and in-game currency that can be acquired

Premium Battle Pass

Can be purchased for 1,000 Garaz (premium currency) and used
Rewards mainly consist of vanity attire and emotes such as entrance poses and victory poses

Premium Bundle

The Premium Bundle includes the “Premium Battle Pass” with 25 Tiers.
The rewards that can be acquired do not change. The Premium Bundle can be purchased in the in-game shop (Pygmalion).

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