What you can do on Hanging Garden

Quests and Content Guide What you can do on Hanging Garden

02/23/2022 18:00

Once you have created a character for BABYLON’S FALL, you will be able to log in to the official community website “Hanging Garden”, which is, in fact, the site you are looking at right now! Hanging Garden is a useful tool to make playing BABYLON’S FALL more convenient.

What can I do once I have logged in?

Sentinel Headquarters functions

Hanging Garden lets you access lots of useful features without needing to log in to the game itself, such as:

  • Check your character stats
  • Check and sort your inventory
  • Change your equipment
  • Create and edit equipment presets.
  • Customize your Gideon Coffin
  • Dispose of unwanted equipment

…and more!
These features can also be accessed from a smartphone browser, so you can prepare for your adventures while out and about, then set out to conquer dungeons straight away once you get back!


Serial codes

When you acquire a serial code for in-game items, you can redeem it on Hanging Garden to pick up your bonus.
Why not use the code below to pick up your very first bonus right away!


Enter serial code

Social features

You can also access various social features from the Hanging Garden site, such as checking on your friends who are online and making friend requests to potential new comrades!



You can check your current position for game content with rankings boards.



You can access and read the in-game help topics from Hanging Garden as well. After logging in, the help topics available will unlock alongside your game progress.


Receive push notifications

You can enable push notifications to receive important messages and announcements regarding BABYLON’S FALL. (This feature is not supported by some browsers)
This can be set up by clicking on the “receive push notifications” button once you have logged in. If you no longer wish to receive notifications, you can switch them off from your browser settings.

There are many other different features available on the Hanging Garden site too, so go ahead and make use of them to make your BABYLON’S FALL experience even more convenient!

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