Sentinel Creation

NEW PLAYER GUIDE Sentinel Creation

02/23/2022 18:00

Create a character to use in the game, selecting the combination of face shape, hair style, and other features that you want.

It is possible to change all selections apart from faction and type after completing the creation process.

You can create up to four different characters.
Once created, a character cannot be deleted.
The deletion of characters will be made possible in a future update.

The Factions

The faction you pick will affect the way you can customise your Gideon Coffin and the Dynamis abilities that you can learn.


Descendants of a maritime kingdom renowned for its dominance over the seas. Shrewd merchants with highly cultivated tastes, they have a penchant for elegant weapons and clothing.
Equal parts agility and aggression, Huysian Sentinels are commonly seen launching themselves into enemy lines with terrifying speed.


Tribal hunters that dwell in the vast island forests north of Neo Babylon. Their deep connection to the natural world is exemplified by a coming-of-age ritual which requires them to carve an animal motif into their own flesh.
Masters in the use of various poisons, Geleilion Sentinels have a penchant for tactics that debilitate foes rendering them vulnerable to attack.


Proud citizens of Agafheim, a well-fortified kingdom located in the mountains west of Neo Babylon. Skilled metallurgists, they seldom step foot on the battlefield in anything but the thickest plate armour.
Widely revered for their valor, Agavian Sentinels often serve as the vanguard of an offensive, drawing enemy attention away from their allies.


Large, powerful warriors who dwell deep underground in caves formed by lava. Fearing neither death nor fire, many Molzamites earn a living as sellswords for rich merchants.
Renowned for their bloodlust and brutality, rumours abound that Molzamite Sentinels nourish themselves with the souls of defeated foes.


A society of merchants and peddlers from an oasis city deep in the desert. Stalwart in their piety, they are nevertheless in possession of the most advanced alchemy techniques in all of the land.
Kuftaali Sentinels are fiercely loyal, using their finely tuned senses to fortify allies with energy channeled from their very souls.

Soul VaultA gap-closer that allows you to rapidly vault in the direction of a tethered enemy.
(Only available to Huysian and Geleilion Sentinels.)
Soul SnatchAn ability that allows you to tether onto a downed or recently killed enemy's soul, stripping it of its energy in order to restore your own HP and SP.
(Only available to Agavian and Molzamite Sentinels.)
Soul CorruptAn ability that enables you to channel dark energy into the soul of a tethered enemy and weaken them with various debuffs.
(Only available to Agavian and Geleilion Sentinels.)
Soul ShareAn ability that allows you to tether to an ally, fortifying them and sharing various buffs.
(Available to all Sentinels.)
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