Rankings Open for Zenon: Very Hard

Events Rankings Open for Zenon: Very Hard

11/29/2022 02:30

Quest rankings are now open for players to compete at earning the most Chapter Points when they complete the target quest!

Event Period

From Tuesday, November 29, 2022
until the start of maintenance on Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Target Quest

Zenon: Very Hard (Recommended Power: 300)

How to Accept the Quest

From the Quest Board select "Tower of Babylon," then "Civic Cloister," and finally "Zenon: Very Hard."

Participation Conditions

You will automatically be entered into the rankings by selecting the target quest from the quest board and playing it.
It is also possible to check the event duration and the name of the target quest from the ranking board.

* Please note that since this is a special event for the final season, there will be no ranking rewards.