Other BABYLON’S FALL Digest #21

07/19/2022 02:00

Greetings Sentinel Force, are you enjoying the world of BABYLON’S FALL?

The Sun Festival begins today as a limited time seasonal event. Why not take part and make the most out of summer in Neo Babylon?!

The festival will be held over a period of 4 weeks, with new quests and ranking challenges being added. See this article for full details of the festival schedule.

The Latest from BABYLON’S FALL

  • Monday, July 11
    • Siege Update: Sun
  • Tuesday, July 12
    • [END] Ranking Challenge: Steel Wind II
    • [END] Garaz Shop: Season 2 Items I
    • Ver.1.2.1 Update
  • Monday, July 18
    • Siege Update: Fire
  • Tuesday, July 19
  • Monday, July 25
    • Siege Update: Ice
  • Tuesday, July 26
    • Regular Maintenance


Tempestuous Skies IIGauntletFrom Tuesday, July 12, 2022
until Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Rankings Board

A Look Inside the Garaz Shop

Terpsichore Attire Pack (Type A)

Terpsichore Attire Pack (Type B)

Lineup of Sun Festival Items at the Garaz Shop

On sale until the start of maintenance on Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Developer and Operations Team Column

Hello there Sentinels!

My name is Sunakawa and I work on creating dungeons for BABYLON’S FALL.

The chirping of cicadas can be heard outside, and summer is well and truly here. How is everyone doing lately?

Summer has come to Babylon as well, and the Sun Festival is about to begin!
The scorching sun and the blue ocean come to mind when you think of summer, so I chose somewhere related to the sea for the festival location!

The new quests for the festival are designed so players can enjoy a thrilling time mowing down huge waves of encroaching goblins as they push forward to the goal.
If you keep playing through these quests and collecting the rewards, you will also be able to exchange them for swimwear and other cool stuff!
Even the attire you can get is packed with summer fun!

There are also watermelons scattered around various places inside the dungeon, so why not go melon hunting? (I hear that some of the melons might explode though...!)

See you all at the Sun Festival!