Sun Festival Summer Event

Events Sun Festival Summer Event

07/19/2022 02:00

The Sun Festival summer event is now on!
Get your hands on fabulous Sun Festival items through event quests and missions!

Event Period

From Tuesday, July 19, 2022
until the start of maintenance on Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Event Content

Special quest, mission, and event exclusive items are available throughout the event period.

Conditions for Participating in the Event

Must have completed the quest “Spires of Adad.”

Event Quests

Available from:Quest
Tuesday, July 19The Search for Heliolite I

(Recommended Power: 20)

The Search for Heliolite II

(Recommended Power: 100)

The Search for Heliolite III

(Recommended Power: 200)

Tuesday, July 26Igigi Onslaught  (Recommended Power: 20)
Tuesday, August 2Igigi Chieftain

(Recommended Power: 20)

Warmomo the Watermelon Cannoneers (Hard)

(Recommended Power: 100)

Warmomo the Watermelon Cannoneers (Very Hard)

(Recommended Power: 270)

  • Each of these quests can be attempted after maintenance finishes on the day they are released.
  • Content Tickets are required to play Igigi Onslaught. These can be acquired from event quests or as log-in rewards.

[Wednesday, July 20 Update]
There was an error in the start date for the quest "Igigi Chieftain." The correct start date is Tuesday, August 2, 2022. The information has now been amended and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Warmomo the Watermelon Cannoneers (Very Hard) Rankings Now Open

In this ranking challenge, players can compete to clear the quest in the fastest time!
Aim for the higher ranks to earn exclusive emblems!

Emblem: Sun Worshipper - Acolyte

Emblem: Sun Worshipper - Cleric

Emblem: Sun Worshipper - High Priest

HQ Decorated for the Sun Festival

The Sentinel Force HQ has been decorated to celebrate the Sun Festival too!
At first everyone will still be preparing for the festival, but the decorations will change again after maintenance on Tuesday, July 27!

Earn Sun Festival Exclusive Equipment from Event Quests

Event exclusive equipment will be dropped at a fixed rate in the Sun Festival quests.

Weapon: Solar Hammer

Weapon: Fiendfeller

In addition, the Meteor Crusher will be dropped at a fixed rate in the duel with Warmomo the Watermelon Cannoneers.

Weapon: Meteor Crusher

Collect Heliolite and Exchange It for Prizes

Play the event quests and missions to earn Heliolite (special points exclusive to the Sun Festival), then trade it for new items at Pygmalion’s exchange!

Helios Swimwear (Type A)

Helios Swimwear (Type B)

*Please be aware that players will no longer be able to exchange Heliolite for items after the event period ends.

Sun Festival Log-in Reward

Completing the event missions will earn you Heliolite and crafting materials, as well as titles exclusive to the Sun Festival!

Sun Festival Log-in Reward

There will also be an exclusive log-in reward offered throughout the event period.
Get Heliolite and Content Tickets just by logging in!

Summer Items Now On Sale at the Garaz Shop

New swimwear style attire and summer themed items have been added to the Garaz Shop!
When worn, this attire will change the appearance of your character based on his or her body type.

Terpsichore Attire Pack (Type A)

Terpsichore Attire Pack (Type B)

Apollo Attire Pack (Type A)

Apollo Attire Pack (Type B)

Muses Attire Pack (Type A)

Muses Attire Pack (Type B)