Other BABYLON’S FALL Digest #20

07/12/2022 03:00

Dear Sentinels, are you enjoying the world of BABYLON’S FALL?

Ver.1.2.1 has started today!
The story of the Light of Aaru campaign has been concluded and new quests for Gauntlets, Duels, and Skirmishes have been added.
Please see the patch notes for details of the update.

From next week, enjoy the summer in the Festival of the Sun! Please look forward to it!

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  • Monday, July 11
    • Siege Update: Sun
  • Tuesday, July 12
    • [END] Ranking Challenge: Steel Wind II
    • [END] Garaz Shop: Season 2 Items I
    • Ver.1.2.1 Update
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  • Tuesday, July 19
    • [START] Festival of the Sun Begins


Tempestuous Skies IIGauntletFrom Tuesday, July 12, 2022
until Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Rankings Board

A Look Inside the Garaz Shop

Flamboyant Sphere Attire Pack

Season 2 Items II

Availability: Until the start of maintenance on Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Developer and Operations Team Column

Hello Sentinels.
I am Game Designer Suzuki, bringing you the column for this issue.

I will explain regarding the Gauntlets and the festival planned for this Ver.1.2.1 update.

Firstly, regarding the Gauntlet Tempestuous Skies.
This Gauntlet is a special quest where your HP is continuously reduced. You can recover HP by collecting Midasites and Conches, so please try using them effectively to complete the quests.
I would also recommend equipping enchantments with HP recovery effects.

Next is regarding the Festival of the Sun that is planned to take place. During the Festival of the Sun, the appearance of the HQ will change, and special quests and story content exclusive to the festival will unfold.
Furthermore, it will bring hot content such as swimwear costumes at the Trading Post and some enemies with summer-themed appearances. I hope you will play during the festival.

In addition to the quest that I mentioned earlier, other quests such as Duels and Skirmishes have also been added.
I hope you enjoy them too.