Campaign to earn increased rewards for fighting  Elpis

Events Campaign to earn increased rewards for fighting Elpis

06/24/2022 02:00

We are running a limited-time campaign where greater rewards can be earned for defeating Elpis!

Campaign duration

From 1:00 on Sunday, June 26, 2022
until the start of maintenance on Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Event content

During the campaign period, the quantity of rewards earned for the high-difficulty "Elpis" quests will be increased!

*Please be aware that the effects of an item booster will not stack with the campaign bonus, so the amount of rewards earned will not increase any further if one is used.

Main rewards:

Materials: Elpis's Ring

Accessory: Scarab Cuff


Affected quests:

Elpis: Extreme (Reccomended power level: 200)

Elpis: Hard (Reccomended power level: 160)

Conditions for participating in the affected quests:

Have completed the quest "Sinister Stockades".

How to accept the quest:

From the quest board, select "Tower of Babylon: Blockade Zone" then "Gaol of Gladness" and finally "Elpis: Hard" or "Elpis: Extreme".