Other BABYLON’S FALL Digest #15

06/07/2022 02:00

Greetings Sentinels. Is everyone used to gunslinging yet?

There are many tweaks and changes to pre-existing enchantments in the Season 2 updates, so get out there and experiment with all kinds of different character builds! See the patch notes for full details.

A big thank you to everyone who participated in the Season 1 feedback survey! The development team will be thoroughly reviewing all the comments we received and putting them to good use in future updates.

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Developer and Operations Team Column

Greetings Sentinels! Nice to meet you all! This is Game Designer Hasegawa.

New divine equipment is being added to the game with Season 2: The Light of Aaru, so today I would like to talk about two of my personal favorites; the handgun “Peacemaker” and the armor “Gilgamesh Cuirass”.

Let’s start with Peacemaker.
To quickly explain what makes this gun so awesome to those who have not acquired it yet, a successful Perfect Shot will trigger fixed enchantments that increase your critical hit rate and add extra damage from the blast.
You need to be careful where you are aiming, but this is the weapon for those who want to see their enemies blown away by deadly explosions.
I personally like using it in combination with the Spectral Attack from a shield for a strategy with a good balance of attack and defence, effectively protecting myself while waiting for the chance to launch a Perfect Shot.

Next up, let’s take a look at the Gilgamesh Cuirass.
This armor’s fixed enchantments increase the wearer’s maximum HP and also prevents them from flinching when hit by certain enemy attacks.
I would recommend it to sentinels who want to play a tank role and draw away enemy attention, or to those who want to rush out ahead and deal damage on the front lines without having to worry about retaliation. It increases your max HP too, so it is also good for novice sentinels who are just starting out!)

Why not combine the two together and create an aggressive build optimized for battering through the enemy lines without having to worry too much about taking damage back?

We are currently working on tweaking and amending many of the enchantments in the game, and the divine level equipment is just the start.
The experience of using divine equipment will become even more exciting in future updates, so there is plenty to look forward to!