Season 2: The Light of Aaru

Updates Season 2: The Light of Aaru

05/20/2022 04:00

Season 2 Period

From 31 May, 2022 until 29 November, 2022


New Chapter: The Light of Aaru

A Kuftaali VIP visits the Sentinel Force Headquarters. The Sentinels head to the Ziggurat under a new order and are faced with a new truth. Witness the story of Elysium in the Ziggurat “Tower of Benben” that stands tall in the desert.

Battle Pass

Battle Pass: Season 2 The Light of Aaru

With the Season 2 “The Light of Aaru” Battle Pass, more than 100 rewards including assassin-themed vanity attire can be acquired. As with Season 1, a campaign is underway for Season 2 where the next season’s Battle Pass can be purchased at a discounted price depending on the amount of BP earned. 

New Weapon Type, New Element

A new weapon type “Pistol” and a new element “Sun” will be added, expanding the range of battle. Pistols are difficult to handle, but will become powerful weapons if you master them. Develop strategies against Sun element enemies and pursue new builds including pistols.


Increase Your Honor

Multiple rankings are planned during the Season 2 period. Take on challenging quests and aim for the top of all Sentinels. High ranking Sentinels will be rewarded with rare emblems.

Content Update

New Quests, New Powerful Enemies

Throughout Season 2, a total of over 80 new quests will be added to Skirmishes, Sieges, and Duels. Of course, you may also encounter new infamous enemies. Complete all the quests and acquire valuable treasures.

Garaz Shop

Dress Up with New Cosmetics

A master Sentinel should be also a master of fashion. Visit the store to arrange your appearance according to your tastes and surprise your allies. Some items are only available for a limited time. Don’t miss your chance to get them.

Keep a Lookout for New Information

These only scratch the surface of information that Sentinels must acquire, and many more updates await you in Season 2. Follow the official social channels for the latest news.

Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Discord

Limited-Time Event: Festival of the Sun

Event Period: From July 18 until August 15

Season 2 Roadmap

Dive Into the World of BABYLON’S FALL

[Tuesday, September 13 Update]
Sales of the physical and digital versions of BABYLON’S FALL have ended prior to the termination of the game’s service.
For more information, please click here.

Season Rank

The Seasons Rank is a system where rewards can be acquired depending on your rank based on the amount of BP collected at the end of the season.
Rewards include exclusive backgrounds and Premium Battle Pass discounts for the next season that can only be acquired through this system, so please aim for higher ranks!

[Tuesday, September 13 Update]
In relation to the end of the BABYLON'S FALL service, we will not sell the Premium Battle Pass in the Final Season, which is scheduled after the end of Season 2. Please note that you will not be able to use the Battle Pass Discount. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but appreciate your understanding.

For more information about the termination of the game’s service, please click here.

Questions about Battle Passes

About the Battle Pass

Where can I purchase the Premium Battle Pass?

It can be purchased in the in-game shop (Pygmalion).

How do I acquire Battle Points (BP) to increase my Tier?

It can be acquired as rewards for completing quests, missions and orders.

Where can I collect my rewards for completing missions and orders?

Completion rewards can be obtained from Sophia in the Sentinel HQ or from “Exploits” in the main menu.

What happens when the season ends?

Tiers for the current Battle Pass can no longer be unlocked.
Unclaimed rewards for tiers that have been unlocked can be claimed in the Battle Pass menu for the next season.
Please note that they cannot be claimed after the end of the next season.

If I purchase the Premium Battle Pass, will I be able to acquire the Free Battle Pass rewards as well?

Yes. You can acquire rewards for both the Premium Battle Pass and the Free Battle Pass.

What is the maximum Tier?

Tier 100 is the maximum for each season. You will not be able to unlock further tiers after Tier 100, however you will still be able to collect BP to increase your Season Rank.

Can I unlock tiers by spending Garaz (premium currency)?

Yes. You can either purchase “Battle Pass Garaz Missions” and complete them to unlock tiers directly, or purchase a tier for 150 Garaz. However, neither of these will count towards the BP for your Season Rank.

Where can I check my Season Rank and rewards?

They can be checked by selecting “Display Season Data” in “Battle Pass” from “Exploits” in the main menu.

How can I claim my season rewards?

They can be acquired when you log in after the season has ended.
Please note that season rewards can only be claimed until the end of the next season.

What is Vanity Attire and how do I use it?

Vanity Attire is equipment that changes the appearance of the player’s character.
They can be equipped from Costume in the Equipment menu from the main menu.

What happens if I purchase a Premium Battle Pass after unlocking some tiers?

You will be able to acquire all the rewards up to the Tier that you have unlocked at the point that you purchased the Premium Battle Pass. However, you will not be able to purchase a Premium Bundle if you are at Tier 76 or higher.

If I upgrade from the PlayStation®4 version to the PlayStation®5 version, will the Premium Battle Pass be transferred?

Yes, as long as the same Square Enix account is used, your Tier will also be transferred.

Is there any way of obtaining Battle Pass rewards again?

We are thinking of ways to obtain Battle Pass rewards from past seasons in some way.