Other BABYLON’S FALL Digest #09

04/26/2022 05:00

Greetings Sentinels!
Are you enjoying the world of BABYLON’S FALL?

The NieR:Automata event has now ended and today sees the release of Ver. 1.1.1!

This new version is the mid-season update for season one and brings the conclusion of the Resurgence campaign alongside new skirmishes, new infamous enemies and new bosses that further expand the world of BABYLON’S FALL.

This week also marks the start of the Februus Festival limited-time event. Make sure to earn loads of conch and complete those missions while the festival is on!

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Bloodstorm IIGauntletFrom Tuesday, April 26, 2022
until Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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Developer and Operations Team Column

Hello Sentinels!

My name is Sunakawa and I work at PlatinumGames as a planner on BABYLON’S FALL. Today I would like to focus on the two gauntlet challenges that have already been released for the game.

Combustion Chamber

This gauntlet dungeon is defined by a mechanic where bombs are spawned whenever an enemy is defeated. It was also the first dungeon that I took all the way from concepting through to completion after joining the BABYLON’S FALL team, so I am really attached to this one...

The finished Combustion Chamber offers players a tough and fulfilling challenge, but there were many twists and turns along the way to get it to that point.

During the prototyping stage, the damage that the bombs inflicted was much lower, at around a third of what it is now. The area of the explosions was also smaller, making them no threat at all and meaning players could simply ignore the bombs and complete the dungeon easily.
I discussed this with the programmers, and we worked out that increasing the damage would not be an issue, but they were worried that expanding the blast radius could cause performance to drop.
I continued to adjust the balance every day, and soon realized that it would be essential to increase the size of the explosions, so I asked the programmers to do it anyway. Messing with these mechanics was nerve wracking, as it would have knock-on effects in so many places, from the motions and effects to the programming and even the backdrops etc.

I am delighted to see people enjoying this dungeon on streams and elsewhere, as it means all the nervousness and cold sweats as I tried to get it right were not in vain!

Combustion Chamber is designed to be a fun dungeon to play in multiplayer, so I hope everyone can continue to enjoy this explosive challenge together.


This gauntlet dungeon massively ramps up the amount of damage taken and throws all kinds of obstacles and battles at the players.

I was mainly in charge of the fine tuning after this dungeon was completed, and am proud that we managed to fit a massive nine chapter battles into it.
We only envisaged having five verses in the initial design, but it soon became clear that the dungeon’s composition did not mesh well with the following two aspects of the ranking score policy.

- Free battles that are not part of a chapter are not rated, so taking down enemies in those would be meaningless.
- We wanted to have players rated for quickly and efficiently traversing obstacles as well as just fighting (this was a particularly strong request from director Sugiyama)

To address these issues, we introduced the idea of defeating the enemies in an instant with bombs and creating chapter battles where it was important to get to the location of the bomb as quickly as possible.

With a lot of chapters to get through in the dungeon, the score that players earn is of a different magnitude to the previous ranked dungeon “Combustion Chamber”, but I hope that players enjoy having those kinds of differences and each gauntlet dungeon requiring a different approach to play.

I have touched on various aspects of the gauntlet mode, but this column has gone on for quite a bit now, so I would like to sign off here. Rest assured that we will strive to incorporate as much player feedback as possible, to make BABYLON’S FALL even more enjoyable going forward.