Ver.1.1.1 Update

Updates Ver.1.1.1 Update

04/26/2022 06:00

Calling all Sentinels!
We bring you the details of the Ver.1.1.1 update. With the addition of a new story and quests, the search range has expanded, and a Duel, Gauntlet, and Skirmish have been added.



Added new story and quests.

The new "2nd Abandoned Cloister" and "Gaol of Gladness" have been added to the "Tower of Babylon: Blockade Zone," expanding the explorable areas.
Play the added campaign to follow the new story as it unfolds.

Added a new Skirmish.

A new Skirmish has been added to the Volcanic Cloister in the Tower of Babylon, expanding the explorable areas.

Added a new Gauntlet.

The newly added Gauntlet features a variety of traps, including iron balls and toxic swamps.
Complete this Gauntlet to obtain powerful equipment, as well as materials that can be used to Refine the Enchantments appended to your gear.

Added a new Duel.

Face off against the mighty Warlord, Elpis.
Players who are confident in their skills can try their hand at the challenge of defeating her.


  • Added new Infamous Enemies.

The Infamous Enemies listed below will appear in Skirmishes in the newly added location.

[2nd Abandoned Cloister] Julianus the Wretched

[Gaol of Joy] Kalibum the Keen


  • Added new costume items and communication items to the Garaz Shop.

Iron Thorn Attire Pack

Hyena Cover & Chiropteran Cape

Dance of the Forest

Coffin VoiceJapaneseEnglish
Fia the PlayfulSaki FujitaJosie Taylor
Nie the ObservantShiori IzawaCharlotte Spencer

Festival and Campaign Information

Februus Festival

  • From April 26 to May 17

The "Februus Festival" event will be held for a limited time.
Take part in this event and collect plenty of conches from login bonuses and exclusive missions.
Costume items and more will be added to the Garaz Shop during the event, and there's a great lineup of materials to purchase with your conches. Be sure to check it out!

Februus Festival

Ranking Event

Events will be held in which you can compete within a specified time period for the top rank in some of the more challenging quests.

  • From April 26 to May 31
  • Quest: Gauntlet, Bloodstorm II
  • From May 2 to May 31
  • Quest: Arena, Elpis (Very Hard)

To take part, simply go to the Quest Board and complete one of the eligible quests. Your ranking will be determined by the Quest Points you earn when you clear the quest, and you will receive rare rewards based on your final ranking at the end of the event period. You can check out the entry period and which quests are part of the event by going to the ranked leaderboard. Accept the challenge and aim for the top of the leaderboard!

Rankings now open for Bloodstorm II

BP Boost Campaign

  • From May 17 to May 31

For a limited time, the amount of BP that can be earned from quests will be increased!
This is a great chance to make progress on your Battle Pass and earn rewards.

Updated Lineup of Items for Sale

  • From May 17 to May 31

"Season 1 Items II" will be available in the Garaz Shop in place of "Season 1 Items."
Garaz Missions—an excellent way to increase your raise your Tier—will be available in the Garaz Shop.


  • Added new weapons, armor, and accessories.
  • Added a new lineup to the shop.

Issues Fixed

The following issues have been fixed.

Story progression if the network was disconnected or the game was force quit during an event scene in the new story added with Ver. 1.1.0.

The Exchange from being displayed when visiting the Shop for the first time after the start of the festival event.

The effects of booster items currently in use were sometimes not shown on the "Active Boosters" section of the quest board.