Kur: Increased Rewards Campaign

Events Kur: Increased Rewards Campaign

04/12/2022 03:00

We will be running a special campaign where the quantity of reward items earned from eligible quests will be increased during the campaign period!

Event Period

From the end of maintenance on Tue., April 12, 2022
until the start of maintenance on Tue., April 26, 2022

Event Content

During the event period, the quantities of all reward items earned from playing the high difficulty level quests "Kur: Hard" and "Kur: Very Hard" will be increased!

*Please be aware that the reward increase during the campaign period does not stack with the effects of an item booster, so using one will not affect the quantities earned any further.

Main Rewards

Material: Dragon's Horn

Accessory: Cobra Bangle

Various Relics

Eligible Quests:

  • Kur: Hard (Recommended Power Level: 110)
  • Kur: Very Hard (Recommended Power Level: 150)

Requirements to Play the Eligible Quests

Must have completed the quest "Heart of the Blue Sun"

How to Join These Quests

From the quest board select "Tower of Babylon" > "Thieves Cloister" > "Kur: Hard" or "Kur: Very Hard".

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