Other BABYLON’S FALL Digest #07

04/12/2022 03:00

Greetings Sentinels! Are you enjoying the world of BABYLON’S FALL?

This week sees the NieR:Automata collaboration event enter its second half, with the addition of a duel against the Amusement Park Rabbit. This quest also offers a score ranking option for players to compete against each other, so why not test your mettle?!

There is also a special campaign where the rewards for duels against Kur are increased. This is a great opportunity to collect the accessories and materials that you are after.
Check out this article for full details!

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Developer and Operations Team Column

Hello there!

I am Isao Negishi from PlatinumGames and I am the main planner on BABYLON’S FALL.
With the NieR:Automata collaboration event currently underway, Mr. Fuchigami from Square Enix asked me to talk about some of the things that went on behind-the-scenes when we were creating it, so I took the opportunity to write this column.

The event adds weapons and vanity attire from various NieR:Automata characters, as well as decorating Sentinel Force HQ to look like the Machine Village and offering quests themed around the Amusement Park area.

However, there were many different possibilities raised at the ideas stage, so I would like to talk about some of the suggestions we rejected, as well as the path that the development finally took.

Sentinel HQ Decoration Ideas

  • Turning Sentinel Force HQ into The Bunker
    • The monochrome visuals looked great, but we just could not get our heads around how to make the ring shape, so this idea was rejected.
    • If we did go with this option, then we would have tried to place YorHa operatives around the HQ to make a diorama like a garrison scene.
  • Turning Sentinel Force HQ into the Resistance Camp
    • This idea would have involved adding collapsed roadways and tents but was rejected because it required drastic alterations the existing HQ to create the right atmosphere.
  • Turning Sentinel Force HQ into the Machine Village
    • The HQ already has a lot of wooden structures and fits well with the atmosphere of the Machine Village.
    • Being able to build on top of the existing terrain allowed us to keep development costs down and really bring out the feel of the tree houses, so it was win -win!
    • After talking to the background designers, we realised that this was the one to go for!


The first thing we talked about was what enemies would appear. We had to find something that would please the fans, but that we could also put together on a fairly tight schedule. We were not just being stingy here and made the decision after careful consideration of balancing this event with development on the main game!

In addition, as one of the developers on the original NieR:Automata, I wanted to approach the event in a different way to other collaborations. When I tried to come up with an idea that would fulfil all of these criteria, it was the Amusement Park Rabbit sprang to mind, as it offers that perfect level of uniqueness as both a character and as a talking point.

Incidentally, I was the one in charge of developing the rabbit on NieR:Automata, so it brought back good memories being able to return to it here.

With the boss decided on, we were then able to fix down the minor enemies and the stages in rapid succession, one after another.

Other Ideas That Were Rejected

  • Deleting player’s save data
    • I thought we had come up with a winner here, but on sober reflection the next day, I realised that it would just drive people away from the game, so this idea was shelved.

That just about covers it. There were actually many more Ideas on top of these but going through all of them would make this article way too long, so I will leave it here!

And you never know, some of those rejected ideas or even new ideas for collaboration partners might actually be used one day depending on what everyone wants to see!

I look forward to hearing what you think. The more ideas we have the better!
See you!