Limited-Time Event: Februus Festival

Events Limited-Time Event: Februus Festival

04/26/2022 06:00

The limited-time Februus Festival event is underway!
You can obtain various items through event missions and login bonuses, so don’t miss out!

Event Period

From Tuesday, April 26, 2022, at 04:00
to Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 01:59 (PT)

Event Details

Acquire various items through login bonuses and by collecting the in-game currency Conches to complete event missions!

Collect Conches and aim to complete the missions

The objective of the event missions is to collect Conches.
You can obtain items for crafting, as well as Relics and Accessories as rewards!
Earn Conches through various quests to complete the missions!

Acquire Boosters through login bonuses

Through login bonuses during this event, you can obtain Conch Boosters to help you complete the missions, and Item Boosters that are useful for collecting items!

Useful materials are available in the Conch Shop

Materials for crafting are available in the Conch Shop during the event.
Craft various pieces of equipment using the materials!

New items available in the Garaz Shop

In the Garaz Shop, new Vanity Attire and Cloaks are available!

Pack: Iron Thorn Attire Pack

Cloak: Chiropteran Cape

Cloak: Chain Cape

Coffin Case: Aequitas Cover

Coffin Case: Hyena Cover

*Items will not be available for purchase after the end of the sale period.
*There is a chance these items may be available again for purchase in the future.