Bug relating to Tier 100 rewards for the Season One Battle Pass

Other Bug relating to Tier 100 rewards for the Season One Battle Pass

04/06/2022 02:00

A bug relating to the Season One Battle Pass has been reported, where the Relic (D) awarded as a Tier 100 reward becomes an item of Power Level 1 equipment upon appraisal.

This bug is due to be fixed in the following manner at the start of Season Two.

Players who have previously received the Relic (D) as a reward during Season One will have a new Relic (D) sent to their gift box upon first logging in during Season Two. They will then be able to acquire equipment suited to their current Power Level from that relic.

In addition, any Relics (D) from before the fix is carried out will not be confiscated, regardless of if they have already been claimed or are yet to be claimed.

Granted Compensatory Items

1x Relic (D)

*Allows players to obtain equipment of a level relevant to their character’s Power Level at the point they first log in after Season Two begins.

Eligible Players

Players who have received the Tier 100 reward during Season One

  • Players who have reached Tier 100 during Season One but who have not yet claimed the reward for doing so will be able to claim a fixed Relic (D) using the “Claim rewards from last season” button on the Season Two Battle Pass.
  • Players who wish to claim the pre-fix version of the Relic (D) must claim it before the end of Season One.

Availability Period

Between the start and end of Season Two

*The dates for Season Two will be announced as soon as they have been finalized.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this bug has caused and thank you for continuing to support BABYLON’S FALL.