Other BABYLON’S FALL Digest #06

04/04/2022 02:00

Greetings Sentinel Force! Are you all enjoying the world of BABYLON’S FALL?

Not only is the HQ covered in NieR-themed decorations during the NieR:Automata event, but the characters hanging around there seem to be enjoying the festivities too. Speak to them and you'll see what we mean!

Next week sees the hotly anticipated duel against the Amusement Park Rabbit. Watch out for a fierce battle against a tough new opponent!

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Developer and Operations Team Column

Hello there everyone!
This is Takahisa Sugiyama from PlatinumGames. After Kenji’s article last time, today it is my turn as the second director of BABYLON’S FALL.

I’m sure that many of you will be wondering why there are two directors for this game. BABYLON’S FALL is a large-scale game and uses a live service model, so we split the responsibilities and I am mainly in charge of directing how the gameplay is structured in the long-term. This covers things such as the gameplay cycle and adding in new content.

To sum up this structure very roughly, Kenji oversees the core game experience that levers PlatinumGames’ inherent strengths, while I look at everything else involved in the long-term play experience.

Having said that, it is certainly not the case that we only stick to our own remits, and I will offer opinions on the action when needed, just as Kenji will comment on new content plans. Ultimately, we have collaborated to build up the overall structure that makes the game work through constant discussions and teamwork.

The service on these kinds of games is widely referred to as a “live service” and it very much is like a living creature in its own right. When it comes to opening up new features, you often discover unforeseen problems or find the player base playing in ways that you had never expected, however meticulously you planned it. This also means that work to correct the course of the design is needed in many cases. The most regrettable and frustrating thing in such situations is when our work to improve or fix something is delayed and it causes players to give up and leave the game before we can. It will probably sound like I am making excuses here, but it certainly takes more time to develop for console games and the timing when improvements can be delivered to the fans is that much later. However, I would like to take this opportunity as a spokesman for the whole team and reassure everyone that all your feedback and opinions have been heard. We intend to keep working diligently and ambitiously to improve our game.

When this message is published, players should already be playing Version Update 1.1.0. We see this as the first major update and the first step along the road for the live service too. We have packed in loads of new additions to keep everyone excited and engaged with BABYLON’S FALL, from new game content to extra weapons and playable factions that make building your characters even more fun, as well as the NieR collaboration. I hope everyone can look forward to trying out all these new goodies.

Until next time, have fun with BABYLON’S FALL!