Ver.1.1.0 Update

Updates Ver.1.1.0 Update

03/22/2022 04:00

Calling all Sentinels!
We bring you the details of the Ver1.1.0 update. The update introduces a new weapon “Great Axe”, a new faction “Molzamite”, and an all-new content “Gauntlet” to the game.



Added new story and quests.

Added new map, "Tower of Babylon: Blockade Zone," further expanding the explorable areas.
Play the newly added campaign to follow the new story as it unfolds.

Added new content "Gauntlets."

Gauntlets are extremely challenging quests with Modifiers that affect various elements of gameplay.
You can check which Modifier is active in a given Gauntlet from the Quest selection screen.

Completing these daunting challenges will reward you with powerful equipment, as well as materials that can be used to Refine the Enchantments appended to your gear.
Be sure to optimize your loadout to match the active Modifier in each Gauntlet to give yourself the best chance of survival.


  • Added new infamous enemies.

The infamous enemies listed below will appear in Skirmishes in the newly added location.

Cocytus CloisterUridimmu the Hideous
Civic Cloister: Unclean SectorHeliogabalus the Grievant
Carus the Remorseful
Ash Trilobite
Central BaseMaximinus the Joyous
Atticus the Tormented
1st Abandoned CloisterAbu the Alluring
  • The Warlord "Diodorus" appears in a new Duel.

Diodorus appeared in the story previously, but now he's back and considerably stronger. Players who are confident in their skills can try their hand at the challenge of defeating him.


  • Added a new faction, "Molzamites."

Large, powerful warriors who dwell deep underground in caves formed by lava.
Fearing neither death nor fire, many Molzamites earn a living as sellswords for rich merchants. Renowned for their bloodlust and brutality, rumors abound that Molzamite Sentinels nourish themselves with the souls of defeated foes.

  • Also added Gideon Coffin Booster Crystals specifically for Molzamite Sentinels.
  • They can be attained in exchange for Sentinel Signatums.

Character related

  • Increased the maximum number of characters that players can create to four.
  • Increased maximum character inventory by one slot.

Added new weapon type "Great Axe."

Weapons with a wide attack range that can be used to take down surrounding enemies. By enhancing themselves, they can increase defense and will not recoil in the face of an enemy onslaught.

Game Balance


  • Enchantment draw tables have been divided up by weapon type.

How difficult it is to fulfil their conditions may differ even for enchantments of the same type, putting some weapon categories at a disadvantage.

・Weapons at a disadvantage due to performance differences.
・Weapons with enchantments that have range as a condition.
・Weapons with enchantments that have Consecutive Hit as a condition.
 (when the number of hits for the condition is the same, the condition is harder to fulfill for some weapons than others, for example comparing bows to hammers)

For those reasons, we have increased the number of enchantments that have their performance adjusted for each weapon type.
Weapons and armor that already have enchantments applied to them won't have their performance changed, but changes will be applied to enchantments to equipment acquired from now on.

  • Adjusted critical hit chance.

A bug in the way critical hit probability was calculated resulted in some enchantments being too easy to activate, so these probabilities have been adjusted.
In conjunction with these adjustments, the problem with debuffs that affect critical hit chance lowering the probability by too much has also been adjusted.

  • Adjusted barrier durability values.

For players, it seems that barriers are almost like a second HP pool. However, their effectiveness was too high when compared to enchantments that boost maximum HP, so their durability has been decreased.

Barrier LvBarrier durability(Before change)Barrier durability(After change)
  • "Mul Zibanu" : Power Bow

The HP regen effect had more chances to activate than expected, so there were some situations where the character's HP essentially wouldn't go down at all, making the player lose out on the fun and challenge of the game. The activation condition has been adjusted to counter this.
HP is restored upon a critical hit, but the ordinary critical hit chance is low.
However, landing a critical hit raises the critical hit chance, so it's easy to create a condition where you can chain activate the ability.

  • Tyr Cuirass

・Since adjustments to the durability values of barrier effects have made them weaker, additional enchantments have been added to fix balance issues.
・We have decreased the level and durability value of barriers applied at the start of a quest chapter (maximum changed from three to two).
・Because the effect at the start of a quest chapter and the intended role of the effect overlapped, we have changed the effect from barrier upon being downed (before change) to slightly reducing damage allies take until reviving (after change).
・At enhancement levels III/IV, gradual HP regen is applied at the start of a quest chapter.

  • Adjustments were made because shield enchantments would sometimes activate at inappropriate times.

Because the effect would activate when guarding with equipment in slots other than the target equipment, fixes have been made so that it only activates after guarding with the target equipment.

Thunderbane PaviseGuard: Resistance Up (Electro)"Condition: Guard with this shield" changed to "Condition: Guard X times with this weapon."
Valkyrie's ShieldGuard: Resistance Up (Pyro)"Condition: Guard with this shield" changed to "Condition: Guard X times with this weapon."
Shock-Resistant TargeGuard: Resistance Up (Electro)"Condition: Guard with this shield" changed to "Condition: Guard X times with this weapon."
Flame-Resistant TargeGuard: Resistance Up (Pyro)"Condition: Guard with this shield" changed to "Condition: Guard X times with this weapon."

Comment from the director

We originally wanted to avoid these kinds of fixes that are like performance downgrades to equipment. However, in order to preserve the concept that every player should be able to enjoy using a wide variety of different builds, we determined that this would be the best approach to take given the current structure of the game. In particular, to players who enjoy using the affected equipment, and players who paid the cost of accumulating and upgrading them, we offer a sincere apology for only now making these changes. We will continue to listen to players regarding the game's balance, and strive to create a balance that allows everyone to enjoy the game. Thank you for your continued support.


  • The growth limit for each character has been increased.

・Maximum Power Level increased from 150 to 200.
・Maximum Level increased from 20 to 22.

The Forge

  • We adjusted the amount of materials and Conches consumed so that players can use crafting and enhancements more frequently.
  • An issue was fixed where the materials required to upgrade certain equipment at the forge were incorrect.

・Mul Zibanu: Lapis Nix was changed to Lapis Ingenii.
・Scepter of Sekhem: Lapis Ingenii was changed to Lapis Nix.

The Conch Shop

  • The time period for consumable items with a daily purchase limit was lowered from 24 hours to 20 hours, allowing players to repurchase items sooner.
  • This adjustment will alleviate the situation in which players log in to play at the same time every day and find that the time when they can make purchases shifts back.
  • We increased the purchase limit for all material types (from three to five).


  • Added new Costume items.
  • Added new Communication items.

*Costume items and Communication items can be obtained from the Garaz Shop and Event Trading Posts.

Season 1 Items

Volcano Attire Pack

Coney Attire Pack

 Season 1 Items 

*These items will no longer be available to purchase after the availability period ends.
*There is a possibility that the same items may be put on sale again at a later date.

Added features

Added the Refine feature

  • The Refine feature has been added.
  • We have added the Refine feature, which allows you to replace an item's enchantment.
  • Select one of the enchantments on an item, then spend the required materials and Conches to replace it with a random enchantment.

Although there is no limit to the number of times your selected enchantment slot can be refined, each subsequent refinement will be locked to the same slot, so choose carefully.

Added objective icons to the Quest Board

  • Objective icons will now be displayed for ranked and Siege quests.
  • When you access the Quest Board, objective icons will be displayed for currently available ranked and Siege quests.

Use them as a reference when selecting a quest.

  • Equipment Pack Enchantment Display

When purchasing an Equipment Pack from the Conch Shop, you can check a list of the enchantments applied to the Equipment Pack.

  • Total Value of Sold Items Display

When selling multiple items at once, you can check the total value of the items being sold.

Festival/Campaign Information

"NieR:Automata" collaboration event

  • Festival duration:Tuesday, March 29, 2022, - Tuesday, April 26

A collaboration event with "NieR:Automata" will be held for a limited time.
Special quests and costume items will be added for the event, so be sure to check it out!

Ranking Event

A ranking function has been added, and events will be held in which you can compete within a specified time period for the top rank in some of the more challenging quests.

  • Eligible Quest: (Gauntlet) Combustion Chamber II

To take part, simply go to the Quest Board and complete one of the eligible quests.
Your ranking will be determined by the Quest Points you earn when you clear the quest, and you will receive rare rewards based on your final ranking at the end of the event period. You can check out the entry period and which quests are part of the event by going to the ranked leaderboard. Accept the challenge and aim for the top of the leaderboard!

 Rankings "Combustion Chamber II" 

Rewards Boost Campaign

For a limited time, the amount of rewards that can be earned from the high difficulty quest "(Duel) Kur: Very Hard" will be increased!
Don't miss this chance to obtain extremely rare items!

Updated lineup of items for sale

"Season 1 Items" will be available in Garaz Shop in place of the release-exclusive items.


  • Added new weapons, armor and accessories.
  • Added new achievements.
  • Added new missions and orders.
  • A new lineup has been added to the shop.

Confirmed issues

A list of issues that have been identified Ver.1.1.0.
Meanwhile, please refer to the list of solutions and workarounds.

[Updated: Friday, April 08, 2022]
The following enchantment types that increase attacking power against specific enemies were not taking effect against their designated target types:
・Sinistral Machine Slayer
・Dextral Machine Slayer
・Udug Slugger
・Colossus Slammer
・Thunder Fisted Colossus Slayer
・Pacifier of Bandits
*We are working to fix this issue for the enchantments “Sinistral Machine Slayer” and “Dextral Machine Slayer” that are found on weapons acquired through the NieR:Automata collaboration event. Fixes are planned to be implemented before the event itself finishes. Thank you for your patience while we address this bug.

[Updated: Monday, March 28, 2022]
The following actions that should be registered as a perfectly-timed defensive move are not registered as so.
*As of Ver. 1.1.0, only Perfect Dodges are registered as a perfectly-timed defensive move due to this issue.

Players may be teamed with other players with a power difference of up to 6 or more during a quick match.

It is possible to change the color palettes that could originally not be changed in the following items,

・Sentinel color
・Shamash Bracers
・Huwawa Boots
・Hephaistos Cuirass
・Perseus Gauntlets
・Achilles Greaves
・Freyja Helm
・Tyr Cuirass
・Thor Gauntlets

*The colors will return to their original colors after this issue is corrected, even if the color palette has been changed.

Some explanatory text and images in the help section are incorrect.

The position of certain moving objects warps.

In the quest "Soaring Stones III," the "Kalibum" summoned by Infamous enemy "Uridimmu the Hideous" can sometimes not be defeated.

*The quest can be proceeded even if the issue occurs.

After performing a Light Attack to Heavy Attack combo while equipped with a bow weapon, an aerial Light Attack can be performed again.

In some cases, dragons are not displayed in the quest "Dragon's Flame".

A dragon may move out of the area, unable to return.

*If you encounter this issue, please abort the quest. You will still be able to obtain the items acquired up to that point.

Under certain conditions, the aerial ascending attack from a Heavy Attack can be performed repeatedly with a bow weapon.

Graphics for some equipment are not displayed correctly.

CONNECTING" is continuously displayed during quest matching, preventing the game from progressing.

*As a countermeasure to this issue, an option will be added to return to the title screen when "CONNECTING" continues for more than a certain period of time.

When multiple projectiles such as Blast Rods hit an Enemy simultaneously, additional enchantment effect are added depending on the number of hits.

The Lv displays incorrectly for the buff/debuff icons under certain conditions, while multiples of the same enchantment effects are overlapping.

Additional information (updated 2022/4/14)

The following is additional information that was not listed during its first announcement.
We apologize for the delay.


  • Some area names have been changed.

・Paradise → Elysium

  • Some descriptions for enchantments have been revised.

Bugs fixed

The following issues have been fixed in the Ver. 1.1.0 update released on March 22, 2022.

The vanity attire icon not properly displaying when the costume screen is opened from the My Profile screen while a vanity attire is equipped.

The total score for some quests would be higher than normal.

*Calculation for quest contributions have been fixed.

Defeating a specific type of enemy for an order would not count towards an achievement even if the corresponding enemy "Captain" is defeated.

It would sometimes be possible to revive even after the number of "self-revives" have run out during multi-player.

When the filter for selling items is set to "Sellable", items that are equipped by other characters would display.

When a tier increases due to the achievement of an order while accepting another order, the dialog box indicating that the tier has increased would not display.

All rating icons displayed in the quest information window would be silver.

When using the Snipe feature with the "Planet Cracker" hammer, it may attack a location far from the target.

The number of times Soul Vault was performed would not count towards the achievement or data counter when the Gideon Coffin "Tourmaline Shell" is equipped.

When the "LT" button is set to "Change Quest Tab (Fwd)" in the key configuration settings, the quest information tab would switch to the left when pressing LT to switch the tab.

The quest score for "Soul Vault" could be achieved by performing a "Soul Swing".

Some achievement names were displayed incorrectly in the text for some of the rewarded titles.

Touching lava or poison swamps may not cause damage under certain conditions.

A quest may fail during multiplayer when one player is defeated with no remaining "self-revives".

The number of items acquired would be counted in the "Conch Reward:" data counter.

Description in the keyboard guide for how to release a barrier ball in the Steam version displayed the controller pad version.

Magical weapons disappearing when SP runs out from a Spectral Attack.

Sentinel tag frame "Port Town, Kumar B" not listed in the reward text for the "Liberator" achievement.

The message "Insufficient Materials" displaying instead of “Insufficient Conches” while enhancing equipment.

The enchantment "Downed Enemy: Gradual HP Regen (Aura)" not activating even when conditions are met in the quest "Temple of Bemus".

The total score would be significantly low in certain quests with watch towers.

Some unlocking conditions were indicated incorrectly for certain Siege Quests.

The list order of items in the Conch Shop changing each time it is displayed.

Favorited equipment getting unintentionally removed from the "Favorite" list.

Performing certain actions on an enemy with "Damage Reflect" would result in an instant death.

Infamous enemies appearing in positions that are out of reach of melee attacks.

Help for Hanging Garden not unlocking as the game progresses.