Other BABYLON’S FALL Digest #03

03/14/2022 02:00

Dear Sentinels, are you enjoying the world of BABYLON’S FALL?

Next week, the long-awaited Ver.1.1.0 will be released. It brings a new faction, weapons and content, so please look forward to it!

The latest from BABYLON’S FALL

  • Monday, 7th March

  • Monday, 14th March

    • Siege Update: Thunder
  • Monday, 21th March

    • Siege Update: Fire
  • Monday, 22nd March

    • Garaz Shop Lineup Update
    • Ver.1.1.0 Release

Featured Garaz Shop Item

Cactus Attire Pack (1,500 Garaz)

View the full item lineup

Comments from the development/operations team

Calling all Sentinels!
Have you ascended? Have you fallen?
This is Producer Ehara.

I am also enjoying hunting Infamous enemies in Skirmishes.

Ver.1.1.0 will be released soon.
It is a major update that we prepared with the intention of providing a version update without delay after the release.

Personally, I’m most looking forward to the new weapon Great Axe.
I would like to create a build that feels more natural to me and try out the new Gauntlet mode.

Please continue to enjoy the new world of Neo Babylon!