Other BABYLON’S FALL Digest #02

03/07/2022 01:00

Dear Sentinels, are you enjoying the world of BABYLON’S FALL?
We are so happy that many people are playing the game since the official release!

Thank you for all your comments and feedback on social media and Discord since the start of the early access demo. The development/operation team is listening closely to make the world of Neo Babylon more comfortable. Please make use of the feedback channel on the official Discord server!

This week marks the start of the new piece of content, “Duels”. It is the most difficult piece of content in BABYLON’S FALL, so please prepare your strongest gear when taking it on!

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Comments from the development/operations team

This is Kenji Saito, director of BABYLON’S FALL at PlatinumGames.

With regards to the most challenging content “Duels”, I have strong memories of test-playing it while trying to figure out what makes the most challenging piece of content for online multiplayer in BABYLON'S FALL.

There were times when we struggled with balancing the online multiplayer where it became impossible to win or too easy.

Since it is the most difficult piece of content, there is a limit to the number of times the players can be downed.
The enemy’s action speed and attack power are increased as well as the variety in its attacks, which means that there will be various attacks being unleashed at the same time, so you need to have a clear understanding of the enemy’s attacks or else you may fail the quest.

The development team has also been attempting it, but they were using the cheat commands in debug to make it easier to beat it because they cannot complete it normally.
Only a handful of people in the development team have been able to complete it so far (I am one of them).

Please take on this challenge!!!

(Seasoned veteran players may even find this too easy, but there were times during development when we were convinced that completing it was impossible, so if there are a lot of requests for such difficulties, then maybe a higher difficulty will be unlocked...?)