Ver.1.0.1 Update

Updates Ver.1.0.1 Update

03/07/2022 03:00

Calling all Sentinels!
We bring you the details of the Ver1.0.1 update that went live on Monday, March 7, 2022.


Duels are grueling quests that pit you against extremely strong enemies called Warlords!
The conditions for failure are also tough, so optimizing your gear and formulating a strategy with your party is highly recommended!

New Quests

Kur: Hard / Kur: Very Hard

(“Kur: Very Hard” is unlocked after completing “Kur: Hard”.)


Complete the quest “Heart of the Blue Sun”

How to Join

From the Quest Board, select “Tower of Babylon” ⇒ “Thieves' Cloister”, then “Kur: Hard” or “Kur: Very Hard”.


A chance to obtain a rare material and accessory!
Complete them repeatedly to increase your chances of obtaining the rewards!

Material: Dragon's Horn

Accessory: Cobra Bangle

Duels are the most difficult quests in BABYLON'S FALL.
If you manage to complete “Kur: Very Hard”, please share on social media!

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