“BABYLON'S FALL” Official Service Launch!

Important Notice “BABYLON'S FALL” Official Service Launch!

03/03/2022 01:00

Calling all Sentinels!
The official service of “BABYLON'S FALL” has started!

(The official service for the Steam version is planned to start from Thursday, March 3, 2022at 9:00 (PT))

Start the “Campaign” where a rich story unfolds, take on the “Battle Pass” to earn more items the more you play, and earn rewards through “Missions” and “Orders” by completing specific challenges!

Season 1: The Eternal Ziggurat

To commemorate the start of the official service, instead of the standard price of 1,000 Garaz (paid currency), the Premium Battle Pass is available for free!

Premium Battle Pass Special Free Release

Also to commemorate the start of Season 1, a variety of items that you can use to customise the appearance of your Sentinel are available!

Season 1 Launch Commemorative Items