Other BABYLON’S FALL Digest #01

02/28/2022 01:00

Welcome, Sentinels, to the world of BABYLON’S FALL!
The plan for this BABYLON’S FALL Digest is to use it as a column to provide you with information on the latest updates, recommended items from the shop, and other tidbits.

I want to keep these Digests going and make them the place to find interesting information – information that makes you feel like you’re better off for having heard it. So, I hope you’ll check back in with me from time to time!

Now, have you been playing the pre-release demo?

Change comes quickly to Neo Babylon – you’ll be seeing the first change on Monday 7th March, with the arrival of a fearsome warlord (which means a super strong boss!). So, collect plenty of gear and make sure you’re prepared before you head off to battle, you hear?

The latest from BABYLON’S FALL

  • Friday 25th February

    • Pre-release demo
    • Season one starts
  • Monday 28th February

    • Early Access begins
    • Siege Update: Flame
  • Thursday 3rd March

    • Official release
  • Monday 7th March

    • Ver.1.0.1 Duels unlocked
    • Siege Update: Ice

Featured Garaz Shop Item

Rook Attire Pack - 1500 Garaz

View the full item lineup

Comments from the development/operations team

Hello everyone.
Good morning. Good day. Good evening.
This is Yosuke Saito, BABYLON’S FALL Producer.
Now, Fucchi – otherwise known as Shingo Fuchigami, our Community Manager – asked me to write the column for the first Digest, so I’m just going to try idly writing whatever comes to mind.

These days, I find that many of the games I play in my personal time are games you play with other people.
I often play multiplayer games where you hide your identity, like Project Winter or Among Us. Of course, I don’t dislike single player games that you can play thoroughly at your own pace, but I feel like I always end up using my own time – in the evenings before I head to bed – to play games where people play together.
Perhaps it’s because when you play with other people, the game always unfolds differently; you can chat about unrelated topics at the same time; and it gives you the pleasure of sharing in what’s been happening in each other’s lives that day…? I don’t really know the reason myself, lol.

Anyway, that’s all to say, I’ll be playing BABYLON’S FALL!!! The MORPG I’ve aspired to for so long…! Honestly speaking, I have so many titles I’m working on as managing director that I feel like I’m going to die, so although I checked the end results for BABYLON’S FALL, I wasn’t able to camp out with the developers and perform detailed checks of all the game specifications or anything. Which means I’m looking forward to enjoying the game from the same perspective as everyone else!
I’ll also be streaming BABYLON at the Gaming Tavern, so please come and take a look if you have time.
Well then, everyone…

Ascend and awaken.

Take a peek at #BabylonsFall

Community Spotlight

In this corner, we’ll introduce some Sentinel players who are creating great #BabylonsFall content! Today we’d like to focus on HDHaZmY who is creating useful video guides and streams the game on a regular basis!