Season One Commemorative Items Now on Sale

Updates Season One Commemorative Items Now on Sale

02/28/2022 01:00

Enjoy season one even more with these special costumes

Special items to commemorate the start of season one go on sale from Monday 02/28/2022.
Featuring a bountiful selection of items to decorate your Sentinels, including a set containing four pieces of vanity attire , as well as various different Gideon Coffin cases, cloaks and more!

Availability period

From Monday 02/28/2022 at 01:00
To Tuesday 03/22/2022 at 01:59 (PT)

*These items will no longer be available to purchase after the availability period ends.
*There is a possibility that the same items may be put on sale again at a later date.

Commemorative Items

Introducing a selection of the new items now available.


Rook Attire Pack

Cactus Attire Pack

Barbed Reptile Pack

Vanity attire

Ishum's Attire

Sophia's Attire


Knightly Cape

Paradiso Cape

Gideon Coffin cases

Palmette Cover

Royal Cover

How to buy

Talk to Pygmalion at the Sentinel Force HQ and select "The Exchange", then "Garaz Shop" and finally "Special Launch Items" to browse and purchase these items.