Season One: The Eternal Ziggurat

Updates Season One: The Eternal Ziggurat

02/23/2022 04:30

Season 1 Period

Friday 25th February 2022 -
Tuesday 31st May 2022


Ascend to Towering Heights

The ruined Tower of Babylon casts a dark and menacing shadow over Neo Babylon. The city folk live under the constant threat of attack from the implacable “Gallu”, demon-like creatures that emerge from within the tower’s dark recesses. The city’s only hope are the Sentinels like you – elite soldiers powered by the mysterious Gideon Coffins grafted to their backs. Join forces with other intrepid Sentinels and ascend the Tower of Babylon to repel the Gallu and liberate the city from oppression!

Battle Pass

Battle Pass Season 1

Undertake exciting missions and orders to unlock a slew of amazing new rewards. Throughout the season, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to prove your valor as a Sentinel. You’ll even be able to purchase a Premium Battle Pass for a sum of 1,000—

Commander Sophia

HOLD IT RIGHT THERE. I’ve just received an urgent communique from headquarters—All Sentinels who join the cause in Season 1 will be given access to the Premium Battle Pass; free of charge! New recruits scarcely receive such royal treatment, so don’t let it go to waste, rookie! Refer to the official notice for more details.


Topple Infamous Adversaries

The Tower of Babylon is littered with unexplored passages filled with ancient artifacts waiting to be discovered. Its labyrinthine nature also makes it the perfect refuge for those who wish to remain unfound, like “Infamous Enemies.” Hunt them down during Skirmish quests for a chance to obtain rare items. But remember, these foes are infamous for a reason—exercise extreme caution when engaging them.


Explore a Living Tower

The Tower of Babylon is a living organism, its myriad biomes subject to constant fluxes in form and climate. Even the beasts that inhabit its various cloisters migrate hither and thither, making every foray into its bowels a worthy challenge for even the most seasoned Sentinels. Join the fray by participating in Siege quests – varied challenges where you’ll assist the Empire in their ongoing struggle against the Gallu for control of key zones throughout the Tower.


Take on Deadly Challenges

Gauntlets are grueling challenges that require the utmost in skill and determination to overcome. Sally forth with other intrepid Sentinels and try your hand at these brutal quests for a chance to obtain some of the most enviable loot in the game!


Challenge Fierce Adversaries

Duels will push you beyond your limits by pitting you against some of the toughest adversaries the tower has to offer. Muster every ounce of skill and strategy at your disposal and vanquish deadly foes to earn glory and rewards beyond your wildest dreams!

Garaz Store

Storm The Tower in Style

Pay a visit to the Garaz Store and get your hands on a set of Vanity Attire that speaks to your unique sense of style. Keep an eye out for event exclusives and other limited-time items, as these are the type of rare articles that will set your Sentinel apart. 

Keep Your Ear to the Ground!

A number of exciting content drops are planned for launch during Season 1.
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