Closed Beta Test: Phase 3 Report

Other Closed Beta Test: Phase 3 Report

12/09/2021 16:45

Thank you to everyone who participated in Phase 3 of the Closed Beta Test!
During this third test we added the PlayStation®5 version and also conducted tests on cross-platform play.
In this report we would like to present the results of the test and inform you about the development progress, taking your feedback into account.

Main Areas Tested in Phase 3

In Phase 3 of the Closed Beta Test, we tested the areas which had been updated, such as the graphics and gameplay, focusing on functional tests for the PlayStation®5 version and cross-platform multiplayer with PlayStation®4 and Steam.

 Downloading, installing, and creating an account on the PlayStation®5 version
 Cross-platform multiplayer
 Testing the updated graphics and gameplay

Server and Network Stress Over Time

The number of participants who took part in this phase of the Closed Beta Test was the highest to date, partly due to the addition of the PlayStation®5 version. The below graph provides a comprehensive overview of the CPU and memory stress on the server and the network data traffic.

The spikes in the CPU and network stress on the 15th between around 01:00 and 06:00 PT, directly after the test started, and on the 16th, between around 03:00 and 06:00 PT, were due to the large numbers of participants logging on at this time.

Everything was proceeding in line with our prediction, but an issue with memory processing occurred on the 16th from around 04:00 PT, and we confirmed that some players were disconnected from the server as a result. Therefore, we performed emergency maintenance on the 16th between 07:00 and 08:00 PT. We have identified the cause of this unexpected behavior and are working on improvements to prevent a reoccurrence in the future.

Our Future Direction for Development, Determined in Light of Your Feedback

We received feedback from many different places, such as via our forum and survey, and also on Discord and Twitter.
We have decided our direction for future development based on your feedback and would like to explain our plans for making improvements to problem points and the development content scheduled to be introduced in the full version of the game.

Improving the Battle Actions

We received the most feedback about the battle actions.
In particular, we received a lot of feedback regarding the overall tempo of battles and the controls. We will proceed with improving the following points, which include some elements which will be unlocked as you make progress in the game.

  • Adjusting battles to have greater variation and sense of speed
  • Improving player actions
  • Changes in action speeds according to the abilities of equipped gear

Our general premise for battle actions is that you will start off with basic actions, becoming able to freely customize the additional elements which are added as you progress through the game.

Gameplay that Fits the Character of BABYLON’S FALL

The additional effects on weapons and armor are an element of BABYLON’S FALL that is central to the unique character of the game, and so we are developing the game with a focus on the below points, to allow the gameplay to really use these additional effects to the fullest.

  • Build variations tied to actions
  • Make it easier to check the additional effects of equipment
  • Builds and offense/defense focused on elemental alignment

By using customization options, you can use a wide variety of actions however you like. For example, you could make it so that your opponent is slowed when you perform a perfectly-timed evasion – on top of which, you could then set your attacks following a perfectly-timed dodge to inflict a poison effect which gradually drains enemies of their health, or perhaps make the enemy burst into flames with a fire element attack.

We have prepared quests and content where you can put your builds through their paces, which means you’ll also be able to have fun finding the perfect builds for each one!

One-sided Attack Loops

There was lots of negative feedback which mentioned that repeatedly using the knock up or knock down heavy attacks using hammers or swords was boring and monotonous, as the enemy was unable to counterattack, and it turned into a one-sided fight.

  • Adjustments to limit this effect, whilst retaining a bit of the fun

On the other hand, some people did enjoy this tactic, so we will put in a small delay directly after the knock down attack is used, preventing you from jumping. To jump immediately following the attack, you will now need to dodge first. This means that, although you can repeatedly attack to a certain extent, you consume SP when dodging and so your attack loop will be interrupted once your SP runs out.

Quick Matches

As matchmaking was prioritized in the Closed Beta Test, there were no limits to the quests which could be undertaken. Due to this, we received feedback saying that people who had just started the game were matched into high difficulty quests, where they could not inflict any damage.

  • Match into quests of an appropriate difficulty

In the full version of the game, the number of quests you can accept will increase as you progress through the game, so you will only be able to carry out matchmaking for the quests you are able to take part in.

UI Improvements

We received a lot of feedback saying that visibility in the Closed Beta Test was poor and that places where you had to perform the same operation repeatedly were tedious.

Areas we plan to improve in the lead up to the full version of the game

  • Make the locations inside the basecamp easier to determine visually
  • Feature to sell all your unwanted equipment in one go
  • Make it so that you can register presets and switch between multiple loadouts
  • Adjust the camera/lock-on during battles
  • Change the fact that it’s hard to see statuses
  • ...and more!

We will make improvements so that these elements will become intuitively easier to understand.

I’m incredibly grateful, and pleasantly surprised, that more people participated than I could have imagined, and that so many people played through until the end, despite the content and features being quite limited! To ensure that the game is worthy of such enthusiasm, we will use your feedback to continue to work on making the game experience even better, so please look forward to seeing what we have in store for you! I hope that you continue to support BABYLON’S FALL!

PlatinumGames Director Takahisa Sugiyama

Thank you so much to everyone who took part in this, even though there were bugs and areas which needed improvement! I watched gameplay videos and streams of the game, and I had a look over all the thoughts and feedback which were posted in the forums and on Twitter. We’re going to continue to work to improve the quality of the game in order to make your play experience even better, so please bear with us until the next time you can play the game!

PlatinumGames Director Kenji Saito