How to Start (PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4)

Maintenance How to Start (PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4)

11/10/2021 22:00
  • PlayStation®
  • Hanging Garden

Please follow the steps below to start the BABYLON’S FALL Closed Beta Test on PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4.

1.Redeem the PlayStation™Store code

Let’s start by redeeming the code on the PlayStation™Store to start the download.

Log in to the PlayStation™Network account you intend to use to participate in the BABYLON'S FALL Closed Beta, then redeem the code included in the Closed Beta Test notification email. Visit the page below for detailed instructions.
Once the code has been redeemed, BABYLON’S FALL will begin to download and install.

* The code may only be redeemed once, so be sure to use the correct PlayStation™Network account you intend to redeem the code on.

2. Link your Square Enix Account to your PlayStation™Network account

Once the game has been launched, you will be asked to link your Square Enix Account to your PlayStation™Network account that you redeemed the code with in step 1.
It is not possible to unlink your Square Enix Account and PlayStation™Network account once linked, so please be sure to link the correct accounts.

3. Review Beta Test Agreement and Software License Agreement

Please review the “BABYLON'S FALL Closed Beta Test Terms” and the “BABYLON'S FALL Beta Version Software License Agreement” upon first launching the game.
You can navigate this screen using the down directional button on the gamepad.

4. Language and Account Settings

Next, set your language preferences and set up your account.

* Keep in mind that your account name will be visible to other players.

5. Create a Character

Finally, create your in-game character by using the various face and hairstyle options.
You can change your character’s appearance at any time via the in-game NPC “Gulra”.