Weapons, Armor, and Accessories (CBT3)

CBT Weapons, Armor, and Accessories (CBT3)

11/10/2021 22:00

“Equipment” is divided into weapons, armor, and accessories. Your equipment can be changed from the Main Menu.

RarityThere are 4 rarity levels (in order from lowest to highest): Common, Uncommon, Rare, Legendary.
Equipment with higher rarity is more effective.
* 5 rarity levels are planned for the retail version.
PowerThe most important numeric value on each piece of equipment that summarizes how effective it is.
If there are multiples of the same equipment, the one with the higher value will be more effective.
ElementSome pieces of equipment are tied to an “Element”.
Attacks deal more or less damage depending on the receiver’s resistance to the attack’s element.
There are 3 elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning.

Generally, the higher the values are for each parameter, the more effective the equipment will be.

Damage: affects the damage dealt by the weapon.
Critical: affects the weapon's chance of dealing critical hits.
Impact: affects the weapon's ability to stun.
Spirit Siphon: affects the amount of SP regained from attacks.
Handling: affects the weapon's attack speed.

Vitality: affects the player's HP total.
Stability: affects the player's reaction to damage.
Spirit Regeneration: affects the player’s SP recovery speed.
Spirit: affects the player's SP total.

EnchantmentSome pieces of equipment have “Enchantments”.
These are beneficial effects that are triggered by fulfilling certain conditions during combat.
You can view a list of all enchantments on currently equipped gear by pressing the right stick button on the Equipment screen.


5 different weapon types are available in the Closed Beta Test: Sword, Hammer, Bow, Rod, and Shield.


A weapon that can unleash attacks in swift succession, and can perform combos easily with Light and Heavy attacks.

Attacking continuously will increase your attack speed, up to 3 levels!
When you are surrounded by enemies, break through the confusion by making sure that your attacks are not interrupted.

Light Attack, Heavy AttackDepending on if you press the button repeatedly or hold the button down, the attack pattern will change.
Spectral AttackAttacks in an area regardless of the player’s current state.
Holding the button down will continue the attack until SP is fully depleted.
LaunchAfter locking on to an enemy, hold the left stick away from the enemy and press Light Attack or Heavy Attack to launch the enemy into the air.
While rising after a jump, press Heavy Attack to launch the enemy into the air.


A heavy weapon with high damage that can also knock back and stun enemies.
You can charge your attack by holding the button down, then release it to deliver a powerful Charge Attack!

Charge CharacteristicsCharge by holding the button down, then release it to deliver a powerful attack.
You cannot move while charging a Light or Heavy Attack, but you can still Dodge.
You cannot run while charging a Spectral Attack, but you can still walk.
If you take damage while charging, the damage of that charge attack is increased.
Your defense increases while charging, making it easier to withstand enemy attacks.
LaunchAfter locking on to an enemy, hold the left stick away from the enemy and press Light Attack or Heavy Attack to launch the enemy into the air.
While rising after a jump, press Heavy Attack to launch the enemy into the air.
War CryYou can let out a War Cry that attracts all enemy attacks by using Gutwork (,B) while charging a Heavy Attack.


A weapon that attacks with arrows at long range. Although the strength of each individual arrow is weak, attacking continuously will fire more arrows over a wider area.
It is also easier to inflict status ailments.
Furthermore, performing a combo finisher increases your attack speed, making it easier to connect combos.

Charge CharacteristicsCharge by holding the button down, then release to fire a powerful attack.
Performing a Charge Attack after continuous attacks will fire multiple powered-up arrows.
Dodging while charging increases the charge level.


A long-ranged and powerful weapon that fires magical projectiles.
As long as you can maintain your distance, you will be able to keep the upper hand during battle.

Charge CharacteristicsCharging Light Attack will recover your SP.
Charging and releasing Heavy Attack will fire multiple magical projectiles.
Charging and releasing Spectral Attack will fire a high-damage magical projectile.
Furthermore, charging it fully will place an area effect at your feet at the same time as firing the magical projectile.
Attacks from party members within this area effect will be powered up.


Holding up your shield will allow you to defend against enemy attacks.
Guarding against attacks with Light Attack will increase the strength of your next attack, so it is important to use it in conjunction with another weapon.

Light AttackGuardHold the button down to raise your shield and defend against attacks in front of you.
Furthermore, Guarding against attacks will increase the strength of your next attack.
TauntUse Taunt (,A) while holding up your shield to bang your shield and attract enemy attacks.
Heavy AttackParryPress the button in time with the enemy’s attack to deflect the attack and stagger the enemy.
Spectral AttackDeploy a protective barrier that covers a fixed area in front of you, blocking attacks toward party members as well.
Using it simultaneously on the left and right Spectral Attack slots will deflect attacks and reflect magical projectiles. You can inflict damage with reflected magical projectiles.
Spectral Attacks & Light AttackBy performing a Guard together with both Spectral Attack barriers, you can reflect enemies’ attacks and deal damage to them.
Spectral Attacks & Heavy AttackBy performing a Parry together with both Spectral Attack barriers, you can even deflect attacks from large boss-type enemies.

4 Weapons Can be Equipped

A character can be equipped with four weapons, with each weapon being assigned to a respective button. Each button corresponds to a different type of attack: Light Attack, Heavy attack, and Spectral Attack. We encourage you to try various combinations.
Please refer to Battle Actions for more details.


Armor is divided into separate pieces that go on your character’s head, body, arms, and legs.
The better your armor is, the more protection it will afford you from enemy attacks.
In addition to armor, a character can be equipped with accessories from which you can benefit from various enchantments.

Video Demonstrations

In our “Special Preliminary Broadcast – Closed β Test: Phase 3” livestream, Director Saito demonstrated each weapon’s special characteristics.
Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!
👇 Playback video (from 13:56)