Battle Actions (CBT3)

CBT Battle Actions (CBT3)

11/10/2021 22:00

Battle will commence when you encounter an enemy whilst progressing through a quest.
Make full use of the diverse range of battle actions at your fingertips to survive and seize victory!

Weapon Actions

Actions will change depending on where the weapon is equipped, even if the weapon is the same.
Utilize the unique characteristics of each weapon and discover your own personal combination that works for you.

Light Attack (,

Fast, allowing you to perform combos with a greater number of hits.
When using a shield, hold the button to Guard.

Heavy Attack (,

Slow, allowing for fewer hits in a combo – but with high attack power.
When using a shield, press the button in time with the enemies’ attack to perform a Parry.

Spectral Attack (L2R2,LTRT

A powerful strike using the Gideon Arm that consumes SP.
When using a shield, you can guard against attacks toward your allies as well as those toward you.

Gideon Arm attacks can be performed under all kinds of conditions – for example, whilst performing light attacks, or when your character has been knocked down after taking damage. This makes Gideon Arms a crucial action for staying alive in the world of BABYLON’S FALL.

Attack Mode

Each weapon has three Attack Modes that can be selected: Standard/Power/Technical.
Each mode has their own different characteristics, even when applied to the same weapon.

* During development, we confirmed a bug related to the Attack Modes, so they will not be available during Closed Beta Test Phase 3.
 We sincerely apologize that the content of Closed Beta Test Phase 3 will differ from the content announced on the livestream and elsewhere.

Dodge (R1,RB

Consume SP to move instantly and dodge enemy attacks.
Additionally, you can hold the button to dash after dodging.

You can perform instant dodges even whilst mid-attack, so dodge quickly if you sense an incoming enemy attack!

Discover new battle styles depending on your combination of enchantments

Equipment with higher rarity may have enchantments, which grant various skills.
Turn the tides of battle to your advantage with combinations of enchantments on your weapons, armor and accessories!