“Special Preliminary Broadcast – Closed β Test: Phase 3” Recap

Events “Special Preliminary Broadcast – Closed β Test: Phase 3” Recap

10/23/2021 07:00

The “Special Preliminary Broadcast – Closed β Test: Phase 3” broadcast has premiered!
Be sure to check it out if you haven’t viewed it yet!

*The broadcast is only available with Japanese audio.
*Closed captioning is available in English.

In the broadcast, we showcased a huge amount of information. Today, we’d like to share a summary of the Closed Beta Test Phase 3 details that were presented in the broadcast!

Closed Beta Test Phase 3 summary

The deadline to apply to participate in the test is Wednesday, October 27, 2021 at 19:59 (PDT). We await your entry!

CBT Phase 3 Recruitment

Improvements to the graphics


Move the slider to compare the graphics from Phase 2 with graphics from Phase 3.

We have altered the visuals to improve the overall visual clarity, while still keeping the distinctive classic fantasy oil painting aesthetic.

Adjustments to actions

Director Saito went over the 5 types of weapons and their actions.
? Playback video (13:56~)

Below are the weapon types and unique actions and gimmicks associated with each one.

SwordA weapon that can make quick attacks in succession.
Consecutive attacks will gradually increase in speed, and chaining combos will raise attack speed up to three levels.
HammerIts specialty is a heavy, one-hit attack. Dodging well to minimize openings will become a vital technique.
Getting hit while performing a charge attack will strengthen the attack. “War Cry” has been implemented as a unique action for the hammer which allows the user to gain enmity from enemies.
BowAttack speed increases with every combo finisher, up to three levels.
The number of arrows loosed increases based on combo length, and doing a charge attack during a combo powers up the arrows while retaining the number of arrows.
Dodging during a charge shortens the amount of time spent charging.
RodDuring Phases 1 and 2, attacks consumed SP; this has been changed so that attacking no longer consumes SP. Charging a Spectral Attack to max will now create a magical field that increases the strength of your attacks. Multiple fields can be overlapped to increase its effect even more. These fields also boost the strength of party members’ attacks.
ShieldParrying now inflicts damage. Equipping shields on both Gideon Arms will enable the user to reflect projectiles shot by enemies. “Taunt” has been implemented as a unique action for the shield which allows the user to gain enmity from nearby enemies.

In addition to unique actions, we adjusted attack animations to ensure an exciting ebb and flow of battle at high speed. Please be sure to check out the video showcasing this!

Extra: Overview of the attack modes

Director Saito also went over the characteristics of the Standard Mode, Power Mode, and Technical Mode.
? Playback video (36:55~)

Standard ModeThe game’s fundamental Attack Mode, built around combo attacks.
Power ModeThis Attack Mode uses slower, spaced-out but more powerful attacks. Charge attacks gain an additional charge level.
Technical ModeA complex Attack Mode built around varying combo paths, culminating in various strong finishing blows. Initiating a Spectral Attack the moment the visual effect appears during an attack will result in a powerful finishing blow.

Attack Modes take character builds to another level by allowing you to combine weapons and attack modes to customize your fighting style.

Major changes

Enemy HP will scale depending on the number of players in the quest, to allow parties with fewer players to still have an enjoyable play experience.

Playable elements in Phase 3

  • Character creation
  • 5 weapon types
  • Total of 6 playable dungeons

Features that will be added in the full release

  • Story mode
  • Gutwork (partially available)
  • UI adjustments
  • Private base camps
  • Weapon crafting
  • Support for keyboard and mouse controls (Steam edition), etc.

There are also many other features currently being worked on that are not mentioned above.

So, that was the recap for the “Special Preliminary Broadcast – Closed β Test: Phase 3”!

The contents that were showcased in the broadcast largely reflect feedback that we received from Phase 1 and Phase 2. We hope to receive much more feedback in Phase 3 as well. We greatly appreciate your continued help in improving the world of BABYLON’S FALL!

CBT Phase 3 Recruitment