Controls  ( PlayStation®4 )

CBT Controls ( PlayStation®4 )

09/02/2021 20:00
  • PlayStation®
  • Hanging Garden

Below is a guide on PlayStation®4 controls for "BABYLON'S FALL".

GamepadMenu ControlsBattle Controls
Directional PadMove cursor
Directional Pad
Change target (Fwd)
Directional Pad
Change target (Back)
Directional Pad
Use potion

SelectGuteork, Inspect

Restore to default settings, Add to favoritesSpeed Attack

Heavy Attack
LStickMove cursorMove
RStickRotate characterChange point of view
L1Switch to the left tabGideon Arm (L)
R1Switch to the right tabGideon Arm (R)
L2Switch to item details on the leftTarget
R2Switch to item details on the rightEvade
LStick ButtonShow filter optionsDash
RStick ButtonSortLock-on
Communication Menu
OPTIONSMain MenuMain Menu

* The Closed Beta Test will not support keyboards.


Gamepad controls, display settings, etc, can be changed from “Options” in the main menu.