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07/25/2021 23:00
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Thank you for participating in BABYLON'S FALL Closed Beta Test!
We are very pleased that so many of you have expressed an interest in BABYLON'S FALL.

The purpose of this Closed Beta Test is to test technical aspects of the game. You might find the test in Phase 1 repetitive, but we are planning to gradually unlock additional content in each phase.
Please refer to the recruitment page and the successful application notification email for details about the purpose of the test, FAQs, and important notices.

Phase 1 schedule

Phase 1 will take place in each region separately. The server which you will be playing on is determined by the region of your Square Enix Account, so please check yours in advance.

JP ServerNA ServerEU Server
Thursday 29th July 2021
from 2:00 to 6:00 (PDT)
Thursday 5th August 2021
from 18:00 to 22:00 (PDT)
Thursday 12th August 2021
from 10:00 to 14:00 (PDT)

The scope of the Closed Beta Test will expand as it progresses into Phases 2 and 3. Additional participants will be notified by email at a later date. Anyone who participated in Phase 1 will continue to be able to participate in Phase 2 and 3.

Main test items of Phase1

This phase will focus on fundamental aspects of an online game as outlined below.
Since this phase will emphasize technical testing, tests involving game elements will be kept to a minimum.

 Downloading and installing the Steam version client
 Registering and authenticating your account on the Steam version
 Operational tests on the server and network

Official Forums

The Forum “Hanging Garden”, is intended to help us to gather feedback efficiently. This includes bug reports and suggestions from Closed Beta Testers.
All comments we receive will be shared with the development team and will be used to improve the world of BABYLON'S FALL.

Please note that, to use the Hanging Garden, you will need to log into BABYLON'S FALL and create an in-game character.

Forum Rules

Please ensure your posts are appropriate and respectful of others. Any comments against the rules may be deleted and future posting may be restricted.
That being said, we want the forums to be a place for lively discussion and debate about BABYLON’S FALL, so moderation will only be applied as applicable.

Forum - Bug reporting.

Please create a thread in the “Bug Report” category of the Forum to report the bug. The Operations team members may respond if further information is needed to verify the bug.

Forum - Feedback and suggestions.

Please send us your comments in the relevant thread in the “Feedback” category of the Forum. All messages will be shared with the development team and will be used to improve the world of “BABYLON'S FALL”.

Any Questions?

Please also send us your comments in the relevant thread in the “Feedback” category of the Forum.
We will endeavor to answer your questions at a later date where possible!

Closed β Test FAQ

Will different regions have their own servers?

Yes. There will be servers for separate regions as follows:
NA Server : United States, Canada, Brazil
EU Server : England, France, Germany
JP Server : Japan

Will I be able to choose which server I connect to?

Your server will be automatically determined based on the region you have selected for your Square Enix Account.Please click here to review the region of your Square Enix Account.

Is it possible to unlink my Square Enix Account from a platform account after linking them?

No, you will not be able to unlink your accounts during the Closed Beta Test period.

Can I participate in the PlayStation®4 beta with a PlayStation®5?

Yes, thanks to the PlayStation®5's backwards compatibility, you will be able to use it to take part in the PlayStation®4 Closed Beta Test.
Do note that it will be the PlayStation®4 version of the client, and will not feature any of the upgrades that will be available in the PlayStation®5 version.

If I have been selected to play in the PlayStation®4 Closed Beta Test, can I also participate in the PlayStation®5 test?

No, the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 versions differ in a way that will not make this possible.

Is there anything that will be carried over from the Closed Beta Test to the release version of the game?

No character or save game data will be carried over to the release version of the game. However the link made between your Square Enix Account and any platform accounts will remain.

Can I share screenshots or videos that I record from the Closed Beta Test with other people?

During Phase 1, the sharing of information or content from the Closed Beta Test with other people or on social media is prohibited.
However, we do intend on easing these restrictions as the Closed Beta Test phases progress. We will notify participants of the timing when information and content can be shared, so please refrain from sharing or posting anything regarding the Closed Beta Test until then.

Once I've been accepted into the Closed Beta Test, can I also participate in future phases of the test?

Yes, once accepted, participants can take part in all future phases of the test.

Will you be calling for additional applicants during new phases of the Closed Beta Test?

We do not have plans to ask for additional participants. New testers for each phase will be drawn from the pool of applicants received during this initial application period.

How are participants selected?

Participants are selected based on the information they enter in the application form as well as based on the particular needs of each phase of the Closed Beta Test.

How will I know if I've been selected for the Closed Beta Test?

We will send notifications to the email registered to the Square Enix Accounts of selected participants. New notifications will be sent out at each phase of the test, so please be sure to keep your email settings updated.

Can I change my selected platform after submitting my application?

No, you will not be able to change your platform once your application has been submitted.

If I've been selected and cannot participate, can I give my test access rights to my friends or family?

No, players are not allowed to give their Closed Beta Test access rights to others.

Which languages are supported during the Closed Beta Test?

Japanese and English are supported.