Battle Actions

CBT Battle Actions

07/25/2021 23:00
  • Steam
  • Hanging Garden

A battle will commence when you encounter an enemy while progressing through the quest.
Survive the onslaught of enemies by commanding the various battle actions and grasp victory in your hands.

Weapon Actions

The same type of weapon will have a different action depending on where you equip it.
Utilize the unique characteristics of each weapon to build a set that matches your playstyle.

Speed Attack (Button)

Fast and can attain longer combo strings.
If a shield is equipped to this slot, you can parry enemy attacks by pressing X right as they are about to attack. Press down on X to block an enemy’s attack.

Heavy Attack (Button)

Slow but strong with shorter combo strings.
If a shield is equipped to this slot, you can block an enemy’s attack just like with the slot for light attack.

Gideon Arms (LBRBButton)

A powerful attack that consumes MP.
If a shield is equipped to this slot, you can also block attacks against your allies in addition to yourself.
In addition, Gideon Arms can be used regardless of your character’s condition.

Attack Mode

Each weapon has 3 attack modes you can select: Vulcan Mode, Mars Mode, and Diana Mode.
Each mode offers different features, so please try them out and use the one that you enjoy the most.

Vulcan Mode

The game's fundamental Attack Mode, built around combo attacks.
Note that the shield can only be used in Vulcan Mode.

Mars Mode

This Attack Mode uses slower, spaced-out but more powerful attacks.

Diana Mode

A complex Attack Mode built around varying combo paths, culminating in various strong finishing blows.

Evade (RTButton)

An instant dodge that consumes MP to avoid enemy attacks.
Pressing and holding the RT button will allow you to start dashing after dodging an attack.

Discover new battle styles by combining added effects

Equipment with high rarity may come with added effects. You can gain an edge in battle by combining the various added effects from your weapons and armor.