Maintenance Quests

07/25/2021 23:00
  • Steam
  • Hanging Garden

Quests can be accepted from the Quest Board at the base camp.
The Closed Beta Test will start off with just a single quest, but additional quests may be added depending on how the test progresses.


Once you accept a quest, you will be matched with up to 3 other players.
The 4 players who are matched will challenge the quest as a party.
If 4 people are not matched in time, the players that are present will start the quest.


Once the quest commences, use the compass displayed at the top middle of the screen as a guide to reach your destination.
The direction of your destination is indicated by the direction of the arrow when the compass icon is centered.

Target Line

A target line will appear if an enemy is about to attack you.
Be ready to dodge or block the incoming attack if you see a target line extend towards you.
If a target line appears on your ally, assist them by attacking the enemy.


If you encounter such obstructions, try making your way through by pressing the B button to use “Gutwork.”
Whenever it seems like you are stuck, see if Gutwork can be used on anything nearby.

Recovering HP

If your HP gets low, you can recover it by pressing on the directional pad.


You may discover chests while progressing through the quest. Press the B button to open them up.

Communication Menu

Press the Back button to open a menu where you can select a variety of emotes and stamps to communicate with other players.


Results of your performance will be shown at the end of each Chapter.

Quest Rewards

Upon completing a quest, you will be rewarded with conch (the in-game currency) and/or equipment.
In addition, if you obtain relics from a quest you will be able to appraise them for equipment.

If you are incapacitated……

If your HP falls to 0 after receiving damage from the enemy, you will be incapacitated.
You can revive by waiting for a certain period of time or having an ally who is still alive revive you.
If you see an ally get incapacitated, get up close to them and press B in order to revive them.
In the Closed Beta Test, you can revive up to 5 times by waiting for the timer to run out. After that you will need to have an ally revive you.