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07/25/2021 23:00
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“Equipment” is divided into weapons and armor. The weapons and armor you have equipped can be changed from the main menu.

RarityIn order from lowest to highest: Common, Uncommon, Rare.
Higher rarity indicates higher attributes.
Equipment VALA numeric value on each piece of equipment that summarizes how effective it is. If there are multiples of the same equipment, the one with the higher value will be more effective.
ElementBasic equipment is not tied to any element. However, certain equipment is tied to one of three elements: Fire, Ice, Lightning.

Generally, the higher the values are for each parameter, the more effective the equipment will be.


Damage:  affects the damage dealt by the weapon.
Critical:   affects the weapon's chance of dealing critical hits.
Impact:   affects the weapon's stun capacity.
Spirituality: affects the amount of MP regained from attacks.
Handling:  affects the weapon's attack speed.


Vitality:    affects the player's HP total.
Sturdiness:  affects the player's damage reaction.
Mobility:   affects the player’s MP recovery speed.
Spirituality: affects the player's MP total.

Special AbilitySome equipment has special abilities. A piece of equipment’s special ability can be viewed under “Special Ability” in the status screen.
To view the special abilities of all of the equipment you currently have equipped, press the right stick button.


5 different weapon types are available in the Closed Beta Test: Gladius, Hammer, Shortbow, Rod, and Shield.


A longsword with balanced damage and handling that is also easy to perform combo attacks with.


A weapon with high damage that can also knock back and stun enemies.


Although low in damage, the bow can attack from long ranges and different heights. It is also easier to inflict enemies with status ailments.


The rod can deal great damage at long ranges, but it constantly consumes MP.


Although you cannot attack with it, the shield will block attacks from the enemy.

4 types of weapons

A character can be equipped with four weapons, with each weapon being assigned to the X, Y, LB, and RB buttons respectively. In addition, each button corresponds to a different type of attack: light attack (X), heavy attack (Y), and Gideon Arms (LB, RB). We encourage you to try various combinations.
Please refer to Battle Actions for more details.


Armor is separated into separate pieces that go on your character’s head, body, arms, and legs.
The better your armor is, the more protection it will afford you from enemy attacks.
In addition to armor, a character can be equipped with accessories.