Base Camp : The Sentinel Force Headquarters

Maintenance Base Camp : The Sentinel Force Headquarters

07/25/2021 23:00
  • Steam
  • Hanging Garden

Welcome to the Sentinel Force Headquarters!
This is where you will first arrive when you start BABYLON’S FALL.
The main storyline and quests will all progress from here.

Canteen (Pygmalion)

In the Canteen you can trade in Conch, that you earned from quests or other means, for items.
You will be able to purchase basic gear during the Closed Beta Test.

Quest Board (Millimora, Logrina, Orgilus)

You can view and accept quests through the Quest Board.
The Closed Beta Test will offer a limited number of quests to take part in.

Mission (Sophia)

You can obtain rewards from “Missions” by clearing objectives while progressing through quests.

Edit Character (Gulra)

You can change your character settings here.

Storage Vault

If your inventory was full when you received quest rewards, they will be sent to the Storage Vault.


You can collect bonuses from events and campaigns from your Inbox.