Closed β Test Play Guide

Maintenance Closed β Test Play Guide

07/25/2021 23:00
  • Steam
  • Hanging Garden

The Closed Beta Test will focus on various operational tests such as stress tests involving large numbers of players, game system checks, and tests to address any issues that are discovered to improve the quality of the game.
Therefore, testers may experience issues like freezes and crashes while playing the game.
We apologize for any difficulties you may experience during the test, and thank you for your understanding.
A special forum will be available for Closed Beta Testers to submit their feedback to the development and operations teams.

Closed Beta Test Character Data

Character data created during the Closed Beta Test may be deleted depending on our requirements. Character data made during the Closed Beta Test will not be transferred to the launch version of the game.

Sharing Closed Beta Test information

Information pertaining to the Closed Beta Test may not be shared with others or posted on any social media sites, and uploading images or video clips is prohibited. If participants are found to have violated these terms, their participation in the Closed Beta Test will be revoked and legal action may be taken.
As the Closed Beta Test progresses, we will be lifting the embargo on information sharing. We will issue a separate notice about the timing of this. Until then, we ask that you handle information from the Closed Beta Test with care.

Closed Beta Test Play Guide

The contents of this play guide are based on the current version of the Closed Beta Test.
Information found here may differ from future builds of the Closed Beta Test and the launch version.

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