Quests (CBT3)

CBT Quests (CBT3)

11/10/2021 22:00

You can take on quests by interacting with Quest Boards.
During Phase 3 of the Closed Beta Test, there will be six different quests available to try.


After accepting a quest, you will be matched with other players.
You will be matched with others to take on the quest in a party of up to four players.
If four players cannot be recruited, then you will start the quest with the number of players who had been recruited when matching ends.

Quest Objective

Once a quest starts, you must head towards the quest objective, following the compass shown at the top of the screen. The direction that the indicators center on is the direction you need to proceed in.

Target Lines

When you are selected as the target for an enemy attack, a target line will appear. If you find yourself on the end of a target line, it is a good idea to get ready to evade or block the attack. If an ally is the target of a target line, then you can interrupt with your own attack or reposition to take advantage of your ally’s follow-up.


During a quest, your path will sometimes be blocked by various obstacles.
Try to use Gutwork to pass these obstructions by pushing the ,B button.

HP recovery

If you find your HP running low, you can use the up directional key to recover some HP.

Treasure Chests

Sometimes you will discover treasure chests during a quest. Push the ,B button to open them.


Push the touch padbutton / Backbutton to open the communicator menu, from which you can use emotes and stamps.

Mid-Quest Results

Partway through a quest you will see the mid-quest results screen.

Final Results and Quest Rewards

Upon completing a quest, you will see the final results and be rewarded with conches (in-game currency) or equipment etc.
In addition, if you have recovered any relics during the quest, you will be able to appraise them into equipment here.

If your health is reduced to zero...

If enemy attacks reduce your health to zero, you will be incapacitated. You can recover from incapacitation by waiting for a set period of time or by having an ally revive you. If you happen across an ally who is lying incapacitated, move close to them and push the ,B button to revive them.

During the Closed Beta Test, you can only recover by waiting it out up to five times. After the fifth time you will only be able to recover if an ally revives you.